Happy new year… the morning after 

Day 2

Well I did say the good the bad and the ugly….and I won’t powder coat things either..

last night my wife and I decided to have a drink, it was New Year’s Eve after all..

I have a couple of vodkas straight  and some spiced almonds from our recipes

And a couple of hot chocolate fat bombs ( oh the joy of KETO)

Everything was in moderation to see in the new year .
Good Morning  2017……
So let’s see what damage I did if any …..

My morning ritual had begun, get up at 6:30 turn on laptop plug in ketonix and wait for it to initialize… waiting… waiting… waiting.. man these things take way to long ..(4 minutes I will never get back.)

So test done and levels were good mid green with 9 flashes ( 7.1 ppm ) so acetone levels were normal for the morning.

Today as a special treat I decided to do my blood glucose reading.. Nothing says fun like pricking your fingers.

And it was 90 for first thing in the morning ..

Blood pressure was slightly elevated this morning .. But not surprised I didn’t sleep that well last night.

I’m a light sleeper and the dogs around our community decided they wanted to party like it’s 1999. Man’s best friend,  yeah right ….lol


So today is a non training day it’s a recovery day. ( One of the two days I walk.) And I’ve decided to do a chin-up challenge as well  for a bit of fun on my rest days (actually I’m doing pull-ups not chin ups) chin ups – palms facing your chin, pull-ups palms facing away from you.

Pull Ups = A pronated (overhand) grip where your palms point outwards so that they are facing away from you. The most common grip width is just slightly wider than shoulder width.

Chin Ups = A supinated (underhand) grip where your palms point inwards so that they are facing you. The most common grip width is shoulder width.


I will go for a 35-40 minute walk around the complex at a medium to fast pace .. It’s actually cool this morning in Thailand with a lovely breeze. Funny how you climatize. It’s 26 degrees Celsius and I’m cold…

My first meal 10 AM

1 slice of paleo low carb bread cut into 2 pieces, fried leg ham, cheese,  boiled eggs and jalapeño popper egg cup.


All washed down with our famous bullet style hot cocoa….


This is typically  is a protein shake for me  (my go-to meal, it’s the same most days.) While real protein is preferred sometimes you have to work with what’s convenient, especially if your protein requirements are high.

I opt for vanilla protein powder  (Dymatize as it’s readily available here and taste good and not overpriced) as the flavor can always been introduced rather than purchasing a chocolate, strawberry,mocca  etc ..

Protein powder,  almond milk,   1/4 cup frozen raspberries,( this changes  depending on macros), olive oil. ( You can use MCT  oil. ) I love coconut oil but it will  solidify  in cold temperate  (nothing worse than chunks of coconut oil.)

And  finished with 25g spiced almonds ( see our recipe page )


Tonight’s dinner will be an easy one 

Curried egg salad, consisting of 3 eggs, capsicum or papkrika, Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, garlic powder, curry powder

Salt and pepper …

Red chicken curry with egg plants.


2 plain chocolate fat bombs.

Documenting a year of ketosis …

Welcome to our site.. http://i-stayfit.com.

Keto, cooking and fitness are not only a passion but a way of life for my wife and I.

One of my projects for 2017 is to document “A year of ketosis”. I had outstanding results with fat loss since I started Ketogenic diet in August 2016 so I decided to document the Good, the Bad and the Ugly..(good fats, bad carbs)

A Keto diet typically consists of the following:  High  good quality  Fat ( around 75 -80%) Medium protein (around 15-20 %) and Low  Carbohydrate ( 5%) of total calories .


My goals are simple:

1. To maintain a lean body fat. (at the moment I am currently at 10% ) I am using the Jackson/Pollock 7 point measurement system using body fat calipers. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a Dexa scan in this country.

2. Not only maintain muscle mass but to gain 5-10 lbs of solid muscle (I will be training 3 days a week with weights, 2 days will be walking for 30-45 minutes, and 1 day will be non-training.)

3. To document the process ..

So Let’s begin :

Twas the night before Keto  ……..

The first thing with any diet programme was to work out my macro nutrients .. There are many available but I used Keto Diet Buddy.

After inputting the data, select your requirements. Mine for this project will be Maintanance  to start the first few months .. as my goals aren’t weight loss ..

So with my calories, fats, proteins and carbs I know what my food requirements will be ..

I did actually change this .. being an ex  personal trainer, 149 grams of protein for me is a little high (usually it’s a range between 0.6-1 gram per pound of body weight/ lean mass)

For me around 120 is my sweet spot..

So my values are 122 g Protein  ( 488 calories ) 260g Fat ( 2340 calories ) and 25 g Net carbs (100 calories ) so we have our 2928 calories.

For those who don’t know: Protein has 4 calories per gram, Carbohydrates also have 4 calories per gram and Fats 9 calories per gram ..

Tape measure in hand measurements done and logged .

I’m using the Body tracker app. Not only can I do my body fat measurements on it but also add my  body measurements and weight ..

I’m not a fan of bathroom scales I only use them when calculating macros so I’ll log once a month ..(my weight was 210.8lbs  this morning. )

The kitchen scales are the only ones I rely on.

So with macros calculated, weight, body measurements and body fat measured and some photos for comparison,  we are ready to rock and roll.

Day 1

As I had already done body measurements the night before.

First thing was to use the Ketonix ( this device measures the amount of acetone on the breath)

Saturday  is my first training day.. (typically Saturday, Monday, Wednesday.)

Flat beach press,
Incline Flyes
Barbell curls,
Decline presses

Bent over flyes
Cable rope curls

While my training is intense it does not go over an hour .

Breakfast  ( 10 AM)

Keto pancakes,bacon, sausages,  bullet style cocoa (consisting of coconut milk/ butter/ coconut oil, see recipe on this site )


Protein shake ( almond milk, avocado,  vanilla whey protein , cinnamon) 

Pork crackling  and 2 boiled eggs.

Evening meal: 

Roast chicken, avocado, and some jellies made using fresh ginger.

Snack: hot chocolate fat bomb.

This is my last meal typically done before 6 pm…

Then I will fast for 16 hours until the following morning at 10 am.

This is know as intermittent fasting (IF) so I incorporate 16/8 fasting everyday this allows me to eat my macro nutrients within an 8 hour timeframe .