Chocolate Rummy Bears

Fat bombs! Some people regard them as dirty words. The concept might not be that appealing to some but for those who have to meet their fat intake quota, fat bombs are godsend. I personally cannot eat a whole lot of fat bombs especially the ones that made from just oil and butter. They taste nice at the beginning but after the fat melts the texture feels weird and often makes me feel queasy afterward.

One pet peeve about living in the tropic is that the fat bombs almost certainly will melt as soon as we take it out of the fridge.  When we first started off, we tried making fat bombs from recipes found on the internet. Our early days chocolate bears were made of cocoa butter, coconut oil and melted butter. We even tried to make it two-toned. It seemed like a good idea at the time..😛 There was a little incident un-molding our bears: some of them lost an ear or part of their paws because the the chocolate was too brittle. 

But that didn’t stop us. We bought a whole bunch of silicon molds online and used them for our fat bombs and we were so stoked to see perfect little morsels coming out of the molds.


But alas, the joy was short-lived. The perfect shapes started to turn messy with melted fat. You want to put them on a plate and snap a photo but you would get traces of oil smear everywhere the fat bombs landed. The first fat bombs we made were very hard. You only have to take it straight out of the fridge and popped in your mouth and let it melt, which led to the problem about weird texture that many people can’t get used to..

This conundrum has been resolved with this new and improved recipe. The trick is to add a bit of solid fat like cream cheese or in this case, thicken cream. We use rum flavor in our chocolate bear. Hence chocolate rummy bears. The old me would have used the real rum and spiked it to the nine. But that will be for some rare occasion if ever.😇 Now, say hello to my little friends…

This is a very quick and easy recipe. It only contains 5 ingredients; cocoa powder, liquid stevia, rum flavor, coconut oil and thicken cream. The ratio is 2 parts oil and 1 part cream.

When mixing cream with oil, you run the risk of the mixture separating. To avoid that issue we would have to introduce the oil to the cream a little bit at a time and make sure it’s all blended before adding more oil. Here we mix cocoa powder with the cream first and it will form a very thick paste like this.

Then we would start adding oil into the paste 1 tbs at a time and all the while stir, stir and stir. Once we have got all the oil mixed in, we can add the flavor and stevia drops.

The mixture will be glossy and rather running, but no separation..hooray!! All that’s left to do now is pour into molds of your choice and chill. (Our molds hold 1 tablespoon each.) We stuck ours in the freezer to quicken the process. Fifteen minutes later and here we have it.

These chocolate teddies still need to be kept cool in the fridge but they don’t go into melt down as fast and they are soft to the bite, which is what we like.

Keto Chocolate Waffles

By popular demand, today it’s time for Keto Chocolate Waffles. These beauties are light, fluffy and hold their shape very well. Nothing is worse than making waffles or pancakes that puff up nicely so as to collapse and deflate soon as you take them off the heat.

I was very happy with the pancakes recipe from ketobetic aline. It’s our go-to recipe for pancakes. When I tried to add chocolate to make chocolate pancakes, they turned out all right with a few tweaks. But now it’s time to take things up to the next level. Here let me introduce you to the new kid on the block…Keto Chocolate Waffles.

You see on keto diet, we rely heavily on almond flour for most baked goods and such. Raise your hand if you wish our cake were feather-light. ✋🏼✋🏼 That’s something I always long for which I know it will never happen..until now. As I said earlier I made a few adjustments to the original recipe, let me introduce our new hero, coconut flour. In addition to the usual suspects, almond flours, fat, eggs and rising agent, coconut flour is here to save the day. I cut back the almond flour and replace it with coconut flour (not too much or your waffle will be dry.)

The original batter is usually thick which is perfect for pancakes but when making waffle, it needs to be thinner so that it will spread out and fill the waffle pan evenly. Since we will be adding chocolate as well, we need to add some liquid to get the right consistency and so I opted for coconut oil.

One thing I love about waffles is that they are so forgiving. It doesn’t matter how sloppy the recipe, they will always come out looking like waffles. Believe me, I’ve made so many waffles on the fly. I said they all look like waffles but there’s no guarantee if they taste all right. But like they say the proof is in the pudding, as in waffles, ours look good and taste just as good.


We used ingredients that are available here. No brand almond flour, homemade coconut flour, Australian cream cheese because we love Australia, the best coconut oil in the world because it’s made in Thailand, English brand baking powder and no-brand baking soda, Van Houten cocoa powder and homemade vanilla extract.

You would start with softening the cream cheese by microwaving it for no more than 10-15 secs. You don’t want to cook the cream cheese. Look how soft and creamy it is!!

Next we will be adding dry ingredients to the cream cheese all at once.

Add coconut oil then mix till you get a wet blob. After that you can add the egg, one at a time. You don’t want to add too much liquid at the same time because the mixture will separate and it will make your life harder trying to get it all well-blended.

Sorry the picture is messy. Just want to show what it should look like after you mix the dry ingredients with cream cheese and oil. After this done, it’s all plain sailing. Just add another egg and beat till smooth.

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble above, just bring in the big gun, either a blender or hand mixer will do just fine. All you have to do is blitz all the ingredients together. Takes 30 secs and you’re done. The downside of using a blender is that you will have a fair amount of batter stuck in the bowl and if you’re like me you will spend the next five minutes trying to scrape every little bit out. 😜

The final step is to add liquid sweetener to taste. We used 10 drops of toffee flavored stevia. Powder sweetener can be used without any problem. You can see the consistency of the batter…and the bowl is still messy 😙😉If you find your batter is too thick, you can add some liquid to thin it out. Please refer to the note at the end of recipe.

Then comes the fun part, cooking it. We have got a Belgian waffle maker which makes thick waffles. The recipe is supposed to make 4 regular waffles but with our machine we can only get 3 full size waffle and a baby one.

We set out heat level to number 3 and brush the pan with a little coconut oil. Then use a 1/2 cup measure to fill one side.


The mixture will surely start to bubble like this.

You got the idea.. And this is what it looks like 90 seconds later.

OMG, my house smelled so good all morning. The lingering vanilla and chocolate scent filled up the air. You could smell it from upstairs.

We serve our waffles with thickened cream mix with protein powder, which tastes like pouring custard. Recipe is included here too.

Spiced Almonds

Roasted almonds
Spiced  Almonds


Bulletproof Hot Chocolate (Fully-loaded)

bulletproof hot chocolate
Thick and silky smooth hot chocolate bulletproof style

Tired of bulletproof coffee? Why not try this thick, smooth and silky hot chocolate? Perfect for a cold day or night. It’s another easy way to meet your fat quota for the day. This bulletproof hot chocolate is fully loaded and could be a meal in itself.

Hot Chocolate Jelly Fat Bombs

chocolate mummies
Hot chocolate heart jelly fat bombs

These are our bulletproof hot chocolate in the form of jello. When we discovered how to make hot chocolate bulletproof style, we liked it so much so that we thought it would be nice to use that formula to make fat bombs. Since we love our gummies as well, we thought why not combine the best of both worlds. And here you are the marriage between hot chocolate and gummies and our hot chocolate fat bombs were born.