Our Story

Thank you lovely people for stopping by to check us out. My name is Kauri and I live in Thailand with my dear husband, Brett. We both are healthy active people. We created this blog to share what we know on how to live a healthy life. When we were young lads we were blessed with good health and good physique. To maintain that we worked out religiously. Though there were occasional overindulgence, we ate healthy but never had to deprive ourselves. As we got older, our lifestyle changed to be less active due to a few injuries and work commitments. We started to put on a bit of weight..but not for long. With good meal plans and workout routine, thanks to my husband, we have got ourselves fit again. We both feel that we are in better shape now than when we were in our twenties. We hope that you will find our site useful and inspiring. You can read more about our personal journey to becoming fit at older age. If you like what you see, please come see us again or connect with us on social media.

Love to you all,

Brett and Kauri  

Brett’s Keto Journey

My goal was to get to 10% body fat, and drop to 100 kg. before my 50th birthday next year. I was never overweight but at 190 cm. I was big (even though my BMI was obese.)

Being an ex bodybuilder/ personal trainer I wanted to reduce the high carbs that are usually required in a typical body building diet.
Plus getting older my metabolism started t0 slow down.

There had to be a better way …
I did try paleo for a little while but the diet was conflicting with some things you could and could not eat..

That’s when I came across Keto .
I started Keto on 19/8/ 2016. I was doing some research and came across keto diet/app and downloaded the free books and adjusted my macros for a small deficit of 6% via Keto buddy and so my journey commenced.

My starting weight was around 239 pounds with a waist size 41 inches.
I was fortunate, I never suffered Keto flu and from day 1 the weight dropped easily .Although the first week was mostly water weight, and I documented the process as I wanted to put this in a blog ..

To date my weight is down to 206 lbs .. (way below the 220 pounds goal weight)
My Waist is 32 1/2 inches and body fat below 10%
So I’ve reached my goal a year earlier than expected..
For me Keto is a way of life not a diet ..
A fantastic journey so far…..

My next project is documenting the next year of keto, starting January 1st, 2017 and will be posting my progress here on this site.