Strawberry Cheesecake in a Jar


Who said cheese cake is hard to make? This strawberry cheese cake is so easy to make it’s not funny. We opt for a no-bake cheese cake because it saves heaps of time. If you have a craving for something sweet, you can whip this up and get to eat it within an hour rather than wait half a day or overnight for the cheese cake to develop the flavor like the conventional version.


The ingredients are what you probably have in your pantry already. For the crust we use macadamia and desiccated coconut. You can use whatever nuts you have. Walnuts, pecans or hazelnuts are quite nice too. We use frozen berries because we want to use them up so we can buy more fresh ones now that they are in season. As we want to try to keep the carbs low, we use just enough berries to give flavor and color. We add a little water  for volume and use gelatin to set it.

We use a mason jar for our cheese cake to make it look fun and trendy. You can use 2 clear glasses or even  2 ramekin dishes to make 2 servings.  though there are many steps but they all simple and straight forward.

You will make the crust first and line it in your jar. Then pop it in the freezer so it will set quickly.

Meantime, you would make the cheese cake mixture. Once done the crust would be cooled and ready. Then pour the cheese cake mixture into the jar and return it to the fridge. It should be fine if you want to put it in the freezer but don’t leave it too long. Ten minutes should be enough.

While the cheese cake is setting in the fridge, you would get the berry sauce ready. It’s so simple. Just blast the berries in the microwave. Mix gelatin and water together and put it in the berry sauce and blend well.

After that pour it on top of the cheese cake layer and chill. This jar below makes 2 servings.


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