Dairy Free Chocolate Fat bombs

This may be a great way to sneak vegetable in your fat bombs. We use avocado to substitute the cream. These chocolate fat bombs taste more like dark chocolate with soft texture that melts in your mouth.

Keto Strawberry Shortcake


It’s strawberry season here at the moment and what’s better way to use them than making strawberry shortcake, my all-time favorite dessert. I remember years ago, the strawberries we could get here were imported and prohibitively expensive. There were locally grown ones too but they were really tart. The season was short as well, lasting only a few weeks. The only way to use them was to make jam or you could use it to decorate cheese cake or tarts, just for the look because no one would eat it. I saw strawberries sold on the street or at the market and they would come with sugar and chilli mix for you to dip your strawberries in. Sort of like in Mexico where you get freshly cut fruit sprinkled with chilli and lime. The difference is that here we have the combination of sugar, salt and chilies. It’s common practice that people would have this chili sugar dip with any kind of sour fruit.

Last year when we came back to Thailand, I found the new variety of strawberries at the market. They were tiny but boy were they sweet. I don’t know what kind but they were like the ones I once had in England, small but tender, juicy and sweet. Hope I don’t upset anyone carrying on about fruit. I couldn’t help getting excited when we got some nice local berries at a reasonable price and they are so tasty.

Now back to the subject at hand, strawberry shortcake. I know on Keto people have to curb their carbs. I never thought anyone would be out for blood when my husband posted the picture of our strawberry short cake on his Facebook. That individual attacked us for having 4 strawberries on the short cake, 4 tiny strawberries!! Berries are keto-friendly and depends on how clever one can be incorporating it in their diet. It’s not written in stone. People need to use their judgement on the amount that fits their daily requirements.

How do we make our strawberry short cake? Of course, this is keto-friendly. I first made it with a leftover keto pancake (from ketobetic aline’s recipe) as the base. Then layer it with whipped cream and sliced strawberries (4 tiny ones 😏)

We don’t make our dessert very sweet in all our recipe and the above recipe contain only a few drops of stevia in the whipped cream. The strawberries in itself was sweet enough. For me it’s an great way to use up the leftover pancakes. However, in this recipe we will make it a bit more legit. The base would be sweet biscuit, topped with sweetened whipped cream and macerated strawberries. Our biscuit base is rather soft but not feather-light like sponge. It serves the purpose as the base. Together as a whole it’s not overly sweet. Most recipes I saw use much more sweetener but we just like ours sweet enough to taste. But remember you can adjust it to your liking. We use a mold that makes 4 biscuits like this one.

Once your biscuits are done and cooled completely, cut each one into two slices and build your shortcake with whipped cream and strawberry layer, then the other biscuit slice, whipped cream and strawberry on top.

Arrange your strawberry slice according to your artistic flair. Mine is limited so I’m sticking to the most basic arrangement. It may seem our strawberry short cake hasn’t got much cream on it. Feel free to use as much whipped cream as you like but please remember to recalculate your macros.


Dairy Free Chocolate Chia Pudding

After posting our chocolate chia pudding, we were wondering if we make it dairy, would it taste just as good. To find out, I went about and made the chocolate pudding using just coconut milk alone. The result was quite satisfactory.

Didn’t mean to brag but I found that keto-friendly food is not that hard to make. When I first tried ketogenic diet I thought I wouldn’t last a week. To my surprise, most of regular food can be adapted to be keto-friendly and I must admit that most taste really good. The reason I found cooking keto food easy is that you can splurge on the goodies such as butter, cream and cheese, all the ingredients we were told to have in moderation. You have to admit they really elevate the flavor of any dish. Hence, we never had trouble making delicious food on keto. Then comes the challenge, can we make our keto food dairy free? The answer is hell, yes!

Take our chocolate chia pudding for example. The tried and true recipe we have posted is incredibly delicious.  I mean no disrespect but chia pudding is probably the most no-brainer (if there’s such thing) dessert of the lot. But I mean that in a good way. The making of our chia pudding couldn’t be simpler.

I have found a no brainer easy way for our chia pudding. In this dairy free version we use only coconut milk for the liquid part. Pour it into a jar or shaker bottle then add chia seeds, cocoa powder and sweetener. Then shake it like there’s no tomorrow. All ingredients should be well blended. on the off chance that you still have lumps of cocoa powder left, simple use a fork or spoon to break them down. Since our pudding consists of only coconut milk, the mixture would be liquidy when chilled. You need a little bit of grass fed gelatin to help it set better. Without cream, this chocolate chia pudding still taste quite rich and smooth. 

Chocolate Chia Pudding


What’s with chocolate that’s always get people’s attention? Our most popular recipes are of chocolate. Yesterday I posted the above picture on Instagram and it got more likes than any of my photo.

I have posted a chia pudding recipe before but there was a request for Chocolate Chia Pudding so here we are. As I mentioned in an earlier post about chia pudding, it’s very versatile. You can make whatever flavor you like with the pudding. This one here use the base recipe for regular chia pudding and we just add the chocolate flavor.


There are only 5 ingredients to this recipe, chia seeds cocoa powder, thicken cream, coconut milk and stevia. This can be made dairy free by using only coconut milk but you might need to use a bit of gelatin to help it set. We will be posting the dairy free version at a later time.

The procedure couldn’t be more simple. Just put your ingredients in a bowl and mix well then chill till set.


Strawberry Cheesecake in a Jar


Who said cheese cake is hard to make? This strawberry cheese cake is so easy to make it’s not funny. We opt for a no-bake cheese cake because it saves heaps of time. If you have a craving for something sweet, you can whip this up and get to eat it within an hour rather than wait half a day or overnight for the cheese cake to develop the flavor like the conventional version.


The ingredients are what you probably have in your pantry already. For the crust we use macadamia and desiccated coconut. You can use whatever nuts you have. Walnuts, pecans or hazelnuts are quite nice too. We use frozen berries because we want to use them up so we can buy more fresh ones now that they are in season. As we want to try to keep the carbs low, we use just enough berries to give flavor and color. We add a little water  for volume and use gelatin to set it.

We use a mason jar for our cheese cake to make it look fun and trendy. You can use 2 clear glasses or even  2 ramekin dishes to make 2 servings.  though there are many steps but they all simple and straight forward.

You will make the crust first and line it in your jar. Then pop it in the freezer so it will set quickly.

Meantime, you would make the cheese cake mixture. Once done the crust would be cooled and ready. Then pour the cheese cake mixture into the jar and return it to the fridge. It should be fine if you want to put it in the freezer but don’t leave it too long. Ten minutes should be enough.

While the cheese cake is setting in the fridge, you would get the berry sauce ready. It’s so simple. Just blast the berries in the microwave. Mix gelatin and water together and put it in the berry sauce and blend well.

After that pour it on top of the cheese cake layer and chill. This jar below makes 2 servings.