Salted cashew nuts with herbs

crispy herb nuts
Fried cashes nuts mixed with crispy herbs

Want to spice up your salted cashew nuts? Here is a quick and easy recipe for you to try. In Thailand where we live there is an abundance of local herbs that we love so much like lemongrass, kafir lime and ginger. We have this grown in our garden so all I have to do is go pick them or dig them up.

herbs and chills
Sliced lemongrass, torn kaffir lime leaves and dried chilis.

All you have to do is slice up the lemongrass, and ginger, tear up kaffir lime leaves and deep fry them. Throw in a few dried chilis for extra heat, if you can handle it of course 😉

deep fried herbs
Crispy fried mixed herbs

These herbs are probably not easy to come by where you are. But if you are able to get a hold of some at your local Asian grocery store, please give this recipe a try and you will not look at salted nuts the same way again


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