Day 26/96

Good morning rockstars.


Time to do my ketonix reading. I’m surprised yesterday I had a reading of 10ppm (I remember in the mornings it was always lower.) I would have thought that because my last meal was a protein shake my acetone level would be lower as acetone is the fat broken down in the liver. Today’s reading was 17 ppm just below last nights reading.

Today’s workout is my first shoulder workout of the week and I’ve changed it round a little. I added some drop sets for side laterals.

It was a good workout, a little less weight lifted than my previous week but bodybuilding is not about the amount of weight lifted.


4 jalapeño poppers for breakfast 🍳 These are a staple.

We have decided to get out of the house today.

Kauri and I will start off with a coffee. I’ve brought the survival bag as you never know what could happen. The coffee and cream is filling and it’s after 1 pm and neither of us is hungry.

An hour later and we’ve both decided to eat.

We are going back to MK and I’m ordering the duck and pork again. This time I’m going for the large serve.


This was so good that we bought a discount card to use. I will be back and the meals are quite cheap.

Unfortunately, it’s time to get back home. I also have today’s push up challenge to do.

80 push ups today. I was starting to think what have I started at 50 lol but I did it 💪💪

My calories are looking good but again, I’m going to finish my day with a protein shake. Something I usually never do but it’s two days in a row.




My calories are perfect. However, I’ve gone higher than normal on my protein. I want to see how this affects my reading.

I’ll do one last Acetone reading before I go to bed as a comparison. My Acetone reading was 11.8 ppm.


Day 25/96

Good morning peeps happy Thursday.

Today’s workout is on hold. It’s raining cats and dogs and I stepped into a poodle. (Dad joke.)

But I’ve decided to get my push ups done ( 75 ) and abs done before we head off for date day.

I’ve always loved to get my training out of the way first thing, that way if something happened at work or I was working late at least I got my priorities done first.


We did my world famous zucchini fry up this morning .

As I mentioned today is date day .❤️❤️❤️

We are going to see the remake of Stephen kings IT.


We’ve packed the survival bag with the staples. Today I’ve packed salami, cheese, macadamia nuts. 809 calories of keto goodness. ( That will be today’s lunch.)

The movie was OK. I give it 7/10, not that scary. Maybe I’ve seen way too many horror movies. We’ve agreed to get a meal while out. I’m going to try a local restaurant MK.

Pork belly and roast duck.

This meal was incredible. I usually am not a fan of duck but this was melt in your mouth. Looks like I’ve found a new keto place to eat.

With the meal done it leaves me short on protein. I’ll have 2 scoops of vanilla protein when I get home in a glass of water.

I’m also going to finish off with another Ab workout.


100 calories over today but I’m really happy with today’s macros.

P.S  I’ve been using the Ketonix again so I can get some comparisons. My final reading was 18ppm, so low range Mid level will be interesting to see how a high protein no fat meal effects my readings in the morning.


Day 24/96

Good morning Peeps.

Today is back day. I’m still a little sore in my shoulder blade but today I need to work out.

Pre-workout will be my TDK coffee.

Today I incorporated wide and narrow grip pull-ups, so the total volume lifted will be less. (I don’t incorporate my bodyweight.)

It was a good workout. There was no breeze today and Kauri and I got our sweat on.

First meal:

Today looks like a waffle kind of day.

This was washed down with 120g of bacon and a coffee with cream. That was 958 calories of keto goodness.

I also have some great news ..

The Ketonix replacement has arrived today. I’ve just done a comparison and yes the old one definitely is faulty. I did 2 readings on the new one acetone was present and my faulty unit showed nothing.

So hopefully I can start adding data again, which was my intention all along to have it posted in my blog at the start of January.

Morning snack

Chocolate avocado mousse

I’ve also completed today’s push up challenge of 70.

100 is not that far away.


200g of pork belly today. I also had two of Kauri’s ketonuts today.

I’ve been doing some research today again with protein, but also on muscle glycogen and a ketodiet. I’ll write something shortly on this.


Roast chicken made into a stir fry tonight.


My proteins just under today but that’s fine.





Day 23/96

Good morning rockstars.

Today is going to be a non training/recovery day I feel really sore today. This morning is also my second weigh in.

My weight is up a pound today. Again, for me it’s not an issue. I understand the process and factors attributed the what the scales tell us. I’m 215.4 pounds.

This morning I’m going to do our “world famous” fry up.

938 calories of keto goodness.

Morning snack was Kauri’s choc/avocado mousse.

Lunch was home made cheese crisps and salami.

Very nice indeed. Photo care of Kauri and her Samsung phone.

This afternoon Kauri had to take Miss Daisy out so I’m home alone. I’m going to be bad, I’ve decided to have 20g of peanuts 🥜. I’ve always been confused about peanuts on keto. Peanuts are a legume so they are not considered keto but says peanut butter is ok yet it’s peanuts and salt. It doesn’t adversely effect me and I don’t have them often so today I’m going to have some. Let’s just keep that between us.

I’ve also done my push up challange today 65 push-ups.

8 days to go.


My last meal was roast chicken and bok choi.

That concludes today’s post.


Day 22/96

Good morning and happy Monday. No hitting the snooze button,  time to get up. Rise and shine.

Today is my second shoulder workout of the week.

Today I’m upping the anti I’m placing all my bets on black. I’m increasing my reps from 4-12 depending on exercise to 15 -20. Again, to build muscle it’s about time under tension, strick form and mind muscle connection. (Remember this as there will be a test on the last day😜)

Today I really concentrated on both concentric and eccentric movement of the exercise. I’m sore really sore today.

First meal

Today I’ve made a waffle burger.

We have 125 g pork patty with spices and cheese centre, bacon, cheese, lettuce, fried onion/ Jalapeño/ tomato, 2 fried eggs and other secret herbs and spices.

This bad boy came in at 1373 calories. How bad you ask?  It’s so bad it kicks sand in its own face.

This was fantastic and seriously filling. Who ever thought of a waffle burger needs to be given a pat on the back (excuse me for a sec while I give myself a pat on the back 👏)

Morning snack

One of Kauri’s avocado chocolate mousse.

Lunch was pork rinds. I’m so full from breakfast lol

At this stage imat 2100 calories so 400 to go.


Dinner tonight is roast chicken, green curry and some macadamia nuts.



Another great day.