Day 10/ 96

Good morning rockstars. I hope everyone is well and wishing you the best on your goals.

Today is leg day. Well it should have been.ūüėě

My neck is still very tight and if I do squats it’s just gaining to add insult to injury. So I’m going to swap today and make it a recovery/rest day. The old me would have been pissed off missing a workout but you can’t worry about a situation you have no control over. It’s better to train smart and recover rather than prolong an injury or make it worse.

I thought today I would do a quick bodyfat measurement using my body fat calipers. Come hell or highwater I’m going to get a sculpt next year.


I’ve also gained 9 pounds of lean muscle mass this year and as my goal for my 50th was to gain muscle mass while staying under 10% bodyfat I’m on point. I plan to do the same for the next year and replicate the results.

I love how at under 9% bodyfat I’m still overweight with a BMI of 27.1. BMI is so out dated ūü§£ūü§£

It’s 9:30am so I think I’ll go make breakfast.

Scrambled eggs, with bacon, peppers, tomarto and halloumi cheese (not in picture.)


So darn tasty. ūüėč

Special K has been working on a new panna cotta recipe using almond milk. Rather than the milk going off as we don’t have protein shakes that often.

Calories 96

Protein 5g

Fats 7.5g

Net carbs 1

This makes an excellent little treat.

Todays push-up challenge is done.


Before I forget I should add we started doing abdominal work again. I will do this on alternate days.

It’s an app simply called “Abs. ”

At the moment I’ll replace HIIT and do the 6 Pack Abs. Yes I do a bit of exercise but how badly do you want your goals. I will add HIIT again n the last 1-2 months.

It’s 12:30 pm and I’m going to have a snack, pork rinds.

Calories 190

Protein 21.5g

Fats 11g

Net Carbs 0

1:45 pm time for lunch.

Salami and home made crisps.

I’ve had an afternoon snack of 1/2 avocado mousse.


Calories 184

Protein 7.7

Fats 15.9

Net carbs 2.7

This leaves me with around 500 calories left for the day.

Last meal

130 g of roast chicken and some green curry with bok choi.


Not a bad day as far as calories and macros today.










Let’s make this day one ,shall we ? So Day 1 of 96

Morning Rockstars✨ Welcome to the final chapter of my journey  ..

Why Am I doing this Blog? Well, we only have one life to live. No retakes , no second chances. Age is just a number. It does not define or limit us. I’m documenting the process to show how to get in the best shape of my life as I turn 50 and beyond. No magic potions, special supplements, no gimmicks or exogenous ketones. Just determination, hard work, focus ¬†and believing in yourself. Hopefully I can inspire and educate along the way.

It’s Monday morning around 6:00am and I’ll start my day with an ACV (apple cider vinegar) water, pinch of salt, tablespoon of ACV (usually I make this in a pot of tea.) I started this because I had stalled and taking this really helped me, so I’ve stuck with this ritual. I have ACV twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening with water. There are many documented benefits to ACV plus I actually love the taste..

Kauri also makes a decaf in the morning for the both of us to share. (This also is used when we train.) I’ve mentioned before I don’t take pre-workout drinks, supplements etc .. Just black coffee NOT bullet proof (in my case, decaf) and a large bottle of water ..

Today I’m training Hans … Hans Solo ..(training alone.)

Kauri has a funeral to attend. Her Aunt passed away unexpectedly .. Again I keep saying you can’t take life for granted or sit on our butts while life passes us by.

Nothing in life is guaranteed ..

Chest workout 

My workout is around 7:30am every morning ..

Today’s workout was a struggle..My lifts didn’t feel as strong today. But even though I didn’t feel the love I did improve on a couple of lifts. (Again, I’m not a power lifter.) Bodybuilding / body sculpting is about time under tension, muscle mind connection and good form .. ¬†It’s not about how much weight you can physically lift.

Previously in my blogs I did write down the sets, reps and the type of training, be it pyramid, reverse pyramid , same weight, drop sets, giant sets, etc… So If you want more content, post a comment. ¬†I’ve been a personal trainer and this is just data for me. ¬†For those wondering, “The Numbers” after the exercises, they ¬†are the pin locations where I set the safety bars. (We’ve all seen gym fails ).. Safety is paramount especially if you don’t use a spotter.

 This was last weeks as comparison ..

And day 2 of push up challange done. I figured while doing chest I’ll just add it at the end.


Slightly off keto and training ..This really¬†¬†happened while training …

I had to laugh. Our friend today, he has the most spoilt dogs in the whole neighborhood. Rather than taking his dogs for a walk he does things a little differently …lol

With fasted training done .. ¬†(yes, I’m still fasted. I do 16 /8. This allows me enough time to get my required macronutrients in each day for optimum results.) It’s time to prepare breakfast.

Breakfast (first meal around 10 am )

Today will be waffles as they are quick and easy to make. These are pumpkin spiced waffles I also add a filling of cream (can be whipping/ coconut etc) and vanilla protein powder. It really does taste like custard .. Sometimes I’ll add some lime juice if I use coconut cream .

A little higher in carb count than I would like for my first meal but it will work out fine. Also as my fats have dropped I don’t have bullet style coffee with my first meal. I found it didn’t have any effect on keeping me satiated … I only used it for quick calories when doing maintenance ..

Morning tea 

Chocolate avocado mousse with macadamia nuts

Calories: 512

Protein: 17.1g

Fats: 47g

Net carbs: 6g

Seriously, macadamia nuts and chocolate go so well together. They make great fat bombs as well.

What else am I up to ? 

At the moment I’m doing more study on proteins, protein synthesis, protein sensitivity. ¬†How much protein we should eat per meal etc .. so I’ll be doing a post on this in the next few weeks …

Lunchtime ( usually around 1:30pm-2:30pm )

Roast chicken with bok choi in chicken stock.. This is a huge bowl 170g of chicken, 80g of bok¬†choi and a cup of chicken stock, chilli flakes and some vinegar, salt and pepper ..Absolutely deliciousūüėč


Time to get some shopping done to top up a few staples, salami, tuna, cream, eggs. ¬†I’ve also bought a survival tool for this road trip …..I can’t believe I’ve now joined the club


No more will I be stirring butter or cream in my coffee. I feel so darn  liberated lol..

Afternoon snack 

It’s a hot one this afternoon. Already 35¬†degrees /95 F.

So we are going to have some panna cotta roses. Something cool and refreshing and easy to make and ready in around 20 minutes.

These are truely beautiful, almost too pretty to eat .. almost lol

For 3 roses

Calories: 502

Protein: 9.1g

Fats: 51.1g

Net carbs: 3.6 g

If you want to get more fats in your diet I strongly recommend these as an occasional treat.

Dinner ( around 5:30 due to the heat )

Will be very low key. It’s usually too hot to eat.

80g of roast chicken and some pork rinds (32 g of plain salted.) Stay clear of flavoured. Most has a maltodextrin and MSG ..

So let’s look at my macros for the day.


So there you have it … 2500 calories …

Now I don’t add salt when I calculate macros but I salt everything … Magnesium I do take tablets before I go to bed. I also take turmeric tablets as well ..

Tomorrow will be my second last weight in for the month …Plus the start of our road trip .. We get back Friday But I will continue to blog and post some live videos while we are away and I’ll be writing tomorrow’s post while we are traveling ..

Remember, believe in yourself. Be focused and be awesome ..

Have a great day.





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Week 3 Day 4


Morning peeps.

Firstly, to my American friends..

Hope everyone has a safe and festive time with friends family and loved ones.

Today is chest day or Chesticles as it’s fondly called .. (I just realised ¬†chesticles and fondly might be a poor choice of words.)

Today workout is chest (better ?)

I mentioned previously that I usually will do one workout for 8 weeks then either change the order or exercises so your muscles don’t adapt. Today life threw a spanner in the works.

Bench Press- warm up

5 sets increasing in weight reps 8,6,4,2,1

Bench press Рworking sets

3 sets RP 4-6,6-8,8-10 (increased weight)

Weighted dips

I went to start a set and this didn’t feel right. The stretch in my sternum almost felt like something was going to tear if I kept doing this so I stopped and omitted this from today’s workout and added others to replace it.

 Incline Press 

3 sets, RP reps 4-6,6-8,8-10 (increased weight)

Incline fly

4 sets 10 reps with same weight

Decline press

3 sets, RP 4-6,6-8,8-10 (I improved weight.)

 Decline fly

3 sets 10 reps same weight

Push ups

3 sets to failure (I didn’t improve but I certainly was exhausted.)

Despite today’s dip fiasco, my workout went really well. I made a few improvements and while some lifts remained the same there were still gains today and more importantly I feel that I isolated the muscles and worked them well today.

It’s almost time for our first meal.

Today Kauri made her waffles while I finished my training.

Plus 220 for BPC so 980 calories for breakfast.

Morning snack was one panna cotta.

We’ve been packing today. Did I mention road trip?

After we do the visa application tomorrow morning, we will go the ruins of Ayutthaya as we are half way there. Thursday is our 6 year anniversary so we will celebrate it away for a couple of days.

Lunch time something I haven’t made in many years.

Cauliflower fried rice.

It was early good bacon, chicken, garlic, dried shrimp, tomato, chilli, cauliflower, crab meat, and egg. Very filling.

This afternoon I’ve had 2 panna cotta and 2 small fat bombs just to keep my calories up.

I’m going to do my Thai audio lesson. ¬†I swear I’m tone deaf (being ¬†that Thai is a tonal language, it sounds all the same to me.) I’ll ¬†multitask and ride the stationary bike. 7 K for 30 minutes and a Thai lesson. Now that’s multitasking.

It’s started to bucket down again. With packing done Kauri made some jalape√Īo popper cups for tomorrow and while we are away. Unfortunately this is not a self serviced apartment. (I did say jalape√Īo poppers are a staple on our road trips.)


Tonight I had 180 g of roast chicken, 80 g of green beans and 2 panna cotta.



Fats a little lower today but still happy overall. That concludes today.

Night everyone.



Week 2 day 7


Good morning peeps. I hope everyone’s well. Today I’m a day behind in posts so this is actually written the day after so I’ll do 2 days worth of blogs.

Today I’m jumping for joy it’s date night (again we do the whole day.) The sky is blue, birds are singing and my lovely wife is asleep by my side.

Today we’ve decided to go to another massive complex about 25 minute drive from us. It’s actually another branch of Central Department Store but better with a few extra high-end shops.

But before all the festivities start we will have breakfast. Today will be our ” world famous ” fry up. In my previous keto blog post, Kauri always mentioned places that were world famous for something so I’m going with it.



This is such a simple meal to cook in a pot. Cook mince in butter and oil, add bacon, garlic, tomato, etc., spices of your choice, and when cooked crack a few eggs on top and cover ..

Keto does not need to be complicated.

With breakfast done it’s time to head out to the shopping center.The opening times in Thailand are different. Most open from 11 am and stay open very late a night.

Kauri needs to pay a bill at the bank so this is our first item on the agenda but it’s easier said then done. All the banks are on the 4th floor but as luck would have it, not ours. It’s listed but it’s not in the location it should be. Well, at least we got some steps up but wasted 40 minutes. This is a massive complex.

The other thing I wanted to look at was shoes but out here they don’t cater for big foot so unless you are in a province populated heavily with foreigners they don’t carry larger sizes.

So two strikes already and it’s not even midday. So we decided to look at clothes. I found a couple of nice shirts. There’s a brand here called DeFry. It’s really well made and dearer than many but worth every penny. With the sales on we can find some at 50% off. Well I found a nice shirt in a XXXL ¬†but trying to get service is another thing all together. It seems other staff have their own area and it’s taboo to help serve you. Someone finally came round and said she would be back. Well I got sick of waiting. That’s strike three we are getting out of this shopping center.

We’ve decided to go back to old faithful .

Stopped for a coffee (we picked up cream) and some macadamias at the grocery store.

Its after 2:30 pm and we’ve decided to have lunch.

Kauri suggest this great little restaurant down stairs that do a wait for it .. ‘world famous’ chicken noodle soup.

We’ve ordered some noodle soup without the noodles and half a chicken (small) for me. I have to say the food is good. (The roast chicken was a little cold on the middle but it was perfectly cooked.)


On the left is the condiments you can add; chili powder, fish sauce, green chillies in vinegar and unfortunately sugar.

The meal was fantastic. Since we are here we’ve decided to watch a movie that starts before 5pm.

The movie was 2:22 but wasn’t screened till 4:50

The one thing I love about the movies and culture in Thailand is after the movie trailers you stand and pay respect to the king. There’s a kings anthem that plays .


Even being a foreigner here I have much respect for the late king and for what he achieved both personally and to better the country. It was a very sad day last year when he passed.

With the anthem done we all bow and then get seated. (I should add this how now been changed as the king’s son is the reigning monarch.)

Time to sit back and relax (eat some macadamias) and enjoy the movie with Kauri. Well that’s the idea .

The cinema is fairly empty. There’s one other couple in the lounge next to us (or the love seats as they are known) and 2 other people a few rows in front.

The couple next to us is an older guy and his young mistress. Well, this guy us a total douch bag. He won’t sit still and then he starts reading his texts (so in the dark theatre I get them in the side of my peripheral vision.) This went on an off for 10 minutes or more till finally I had enough and said something to him. I’m very respectful of people and personal space (there’s even an ad about turning off your phones before the movie started.) Kauri was happy to move but enough is enough. Which part of turn your phone off don’t you get. Well, I scared him. He didn’t turn it back on again. The funniest part was just before the movie ended or the lights came on he and his lady friend got up and headed for the exits quick smart. I’ve never seen two people move so fast .. I really hope he got the message. Kauri had a laugh.

With the movie done it’s late we’ve decided to grab a coffee before we head off. (I’ve added cream in mine.)

On the way home we’ve stopped off at the local markets. My chicken guy Lurd is there so we buy a cooked chicken.


This gentleman is a great guy I love his laugh he giggles like a school girl. Last nigh he blew me away we were at his stand and he came running around and gave me the biggest hug like a rock star, seriously. I have a few that do this at the markets. Kauri loves it. I feel a little uncomfortable but it’s nice to be treated as part of the community as friends.

We arrive home and it’s late and I’ve just added all the meals to work out my macros.

We weren’t far off at all. My protein goal was great my carbs were low and fats kept me full.



So 200 calories under today. You can go out and enjoy the day and still be within your macros.