Day 31/96

Road tripping across the universe.
Today we are on another road trip for a few days.
We have packed our travel bag with jalapeño poppers, pork rinds, salami, cream, chicken, coconut oil and some veggies.

No training today. I’m going to hit the gym when we get to the hotel.

I did breath Acetone readings this morning. They were slightly higher than yesterday’s morning reading.

Before we head off this morning we will have breakfast. I’m having a protein shake, bacon, waffles with cream/ protein filling. Sounds like a lot but still under 1000 calories for breakfast.

Morning snack.
3 jalapeño poppers

We pulled into to a servo (gas station) to grab a much needed coffee at Amazon Cafe. Time to  bring out the cream (1 tablespoon.)


Lunch by the water today.

We’ve ordered spicy mixed seafood, crab omelette, and soda water for me. Kauri also ordered veggies, fried rice and spring rolls.

The meal was nice and a great view.

It’s after 2 pm and we’ve booked into the hotel.

Time to unpack, get changed and hit the gym.

I’m going to do back and bicep workout with Kauri today.

The workout wasn’t heavy in terms of volume lifted but it was intense today. The last set of each exercise was to failure.

Tonight’s dinner was light. Salami and Kauri’s cheese crisps and some lettuce.


I’ve also done a quick breath Acetone reading, low level mid range (green with 6 flashes.) I’m not using the computer for reading ppm while I’m away. I’m going off the number of flashes.




Day 30 of 96

Happy Tuesday folks.

Today is my weigh-in.

I’m down another 0.2 pounds to 213.8 pounds and my bodyfat is at 8.75. I’ve decided today is the day. I’ve reached my personal goals and time for some new ones.

We have another road trip tomorrow and we will be away for a few days and we get back Friday. Monday the 18th of September my new #12 month challenge.

No more deficit. It’s time to add some size. I’m looking at 2 different macros, one for training days and one for non training days. The two main differences firstly my protein WILL remain the same.

My carbs will only be a difference of 9 gramms due to the TKD coffee. And the rest of the calorie difference will be fats.

I have used the Keto gains calculator.

My non training days will be 2810 calories. And training days 4100 calories. My maintenance before doing this deficit was 3200 to give an example so not that large a surplus in comparison. This will be my starting point. I can always adjust as I go.


Fry up again today around 1250 calories.


Mid morning snack 

Avocado chocolate mousse.

With 15 g of macadamia nuts.


Chicken salad Thai style.

My calories are almost done so dinner is going to be light.

I’ve decided to have panna cotta for dinner high in fat and with a little protein.


My calories have been increased by 300 in the form of fats today. I’m happy with today’s macros. I will gauge this for a few days and then start my change soon on Monday.

Tomorrow will be our road trip and we will workout while away.

Night everyone.

P.S just did 95 push-ups. I’m stuffed.  💪💪


Day 29/96

Good morning ketopians.

Monday morning. Tme to rise and shine.

Breath Acetone reading are at 17.8 this morning. I will do another measurement after my workout.

Today is my second shoulder workout and I’m going to do a different style of workout today.

I’m going to do a partial workout from ( shortcut to size). I will take the shoulder component of the workout.

I’m also going to stop taking the dextrose pre workout as it didn’t make any positive impact on my workouts. I may reintroduce it after November.

The workout was OK. If anything, I think some exercises should be longer in duration with more sets, rather than 3 sets for side laterals as an example. However, it felt good. Certainly not a huge volume today but I was still sweating like a pig at the end of today’s workout.

I’ve done a quick breath analysis and my acetone levels have dropped down to 11 ppm. Certainly not to below 5 like when I took dextrose. At the moment the results are not conclusive. Blood ketones are a much more reliable method of checking ketone levels.

The 9th of septembers large drop was when I had consumed the TKD drink with the dextrose pre workout. The last reading was just after today’s workout.

First meal

I’ve done a fry up this morning with bacon, minced meat, chilli, zucchini, eggs, etc.

950 calories of keto goodness and around 50 grams of protein.

Morning snack

40g of plain pork rinds


OK, total transparency right? I started with Kauri’s avocado mousse with macadamia nuts. Then I had a protein shake 2 scoops of protein powder (vanilla), 2 fat bombs and coffee with almond milk all blended together.


Tonight’s dinner was 120g of pork belly cooked in Thai basil.


Macros pretty good. Tomorrow is weigh in.



Day 27/96

Good morning peeps.

Happy Saturday. I’ve just done my Ketonix reading and I’ve blown low level but high range this morning at 20 ppm.

I have also done today’s weigh-in.

I’m down to 213.8 pounds. Down from 215.8 on Tuesday.

I’m just about to have my TDK drink and then train chest and compare the measurement.

I’ve mentioned before my strength has suffered since being on a deficit. Today was no different. I don’t like this feeling. I feel uninspired and the workouts are lack luster.

One thing I’ve taken from this is next year my deficit will be 6-8 weeks tops.

Todays chest workout.

I really struggled. I also finished off with some pull-ups 3 sets of 10 reps. I also have the push up challenge to do later in the day.

I’m realizing more and more I can’t do a deficit for longer than 6-8 weeks. It’s too taxing on the body. I need more calories.

I’ve just completed my second acetone reading and my level was 5.4,  a drop of 75%.


Waffles with cream/ protein powder filling and a side of bacon (120g.)

Morning snack

Avocado chocolate mousse with macadamias.


Tuna salad (large 140g.)

Afternoon snack

Protein shake (1 scoop)

I’ve just completed 85 push ups (15 to go.)


2 fat bombs to reach my macro targets.

Last thing to do will be to check my acetone levels.

* Breath Acetone reading 23.3 ppm the highest reading to date.


Day 26/96

Good morning rockstars.


Time to do my ketonix reading. I’m surprised yesterday I had a reading of 10ppm (I remember in the mornings it was always lower.) I would have thought that because my last meal was a protein shake my acetone level would be lower as acetone is the fat broken down in the liver. Today’s reading was 17 ppm just below last nights reading.

Today’s workout is my first shoulder workout of the week and I’ve changed it round a little. I added some drop sets for side laterals.

It was a good workout, a little less weight lifted than my previous week but bodybuilding is not about the amount of weight lifted.


4 jalapeño poppers for breakfast 🍳 These are a staple.

We have decided to get out of the house today.

Kauri and I will start off with a coffee. I’ve brought the survival bag as you never know what could happen. The coffee and cream is filling and it’s after 1 pm and neither of us is hungry.

An hour later and we’ve both decided to eat.

We are going back to MK and I’m ordering the duck and pork again. This time I’m going for the large serve.


This was so good that we bought a discount card to use. I will be back and the meals are quite cheap.

Unfortunately, it’s time to get back home. I also have today’s push up challenge to do.

80 push ups today. I was starting to think what have I started at 50 lol but I did it 💪💪

My calories are looking good but again, I’m going to finish my day with a protein shake. Something I usually never do but it’s two days in a row.




My calories are perfect. However, I’ve gone higher than normal on my protein. I want to see how this affects my reading.

I’ll do one last Acetone reading before I go to bed as a comparison. My Acetone reading was 11.8 ppm.