Day 5

Good morning peeps.

Today is my last workout of the week.


Seated Dumbbell Curl

Drag curl* this is a brilliant exercise under utilized *

Reverse curl

Standing tricep extensions

Tricep kick backs

Seated  Forearm curls

Concentration curl

A fatanstic workout again today and a great way to end 5 days of training.

Breakfast/first meal;

We’ve made another savory mince today .

Pork mince, Bacon, Capsicum, Tomato, Basil, Oregano, Eggs and Spices.

I’ve also had a Bullet style coffee to finish. This has brought my calaories up to 981.

After writing for a while I’ve decided to test one of Kauri’s snacks she’s been working on for our recipe site (my wife is the dessert queen.) Somedays it’s hard having to force myself to eat this keto goodness but someone has to take one for the team. (You’re welcome!)

I honestly wasn’t sure what I thought so I had the second one (That’s my story and I’m sticking too it) and yes, it was damn good Michelle.

Most of my morning besides writing the blog has been social media, responding to emails, etc and it’s almost lunch time ..

Hmmmm.. what to have for lunch? I know, how about another tuna salad?

Lunch was 396 calories today as I only used one boiled egg.

I’ve been reading Keto Clarity today by a Jimmy Moore. Certainly an  interesting book. I like him on YouTube. I think as a presenter he’s great. It’s a shame many people don’t take him seriously due to his weight fluctuation.

It’s almost 5 pm here and we’ve decided to go out for dinner.

I always laugh when I think we are going to a German restaurant in Thailand. But the Pork knuckle is excellent so this will top my protein for the night. The view so great at night but the music is outdated by about 40 years lol.
As with the past few days the clouds have got dark again so while out we’ve been relocated under the verandah. You’ve heard of big trouble in little China, well, this is big storms in little Germany . Lol

The pork belly wasn’t as good today. Usually the meat falls off the bone easily although you have to agree it looks stunning

The storms hit and we’ve had to batten down the hatches .

We’ve had dinner and a show tonight. We’ve lost power, almost been blown away and the powers gone out again..
And tonight it looks like dinner by floodlight not candlelight.
Well it’s never boring. Honestly you can’t buy this kind of entertainment and it was included for free.
Seriously how good is that ..
So with the pork knuckle devoured and the nights festivities in full swing we are trapped at the moment. In the dark with nowhere to go.. Luckily I can write my while we are here.
I’m using the iPad as my only light source and we still have coffee. And wow, is the coffee strong .. my hairs are standing on the end of my knuckles. I might not sleep tonight and if I’m awake I’ll make sure kauri stays awake .. (the best thing tomorrow is a rest day.)
So much for a quick meal down the road lol.

The rains finally eased and well chance the flooding to get back home.

With so much excitement it’s time to post my daily macros.

Overall another successful day. I said total transparency as I’m still doing maintenance I want to keep my calories this month around 3000 calories. When I got home I was a bit under so I did have a slice of mango to up my calories. (In Thailand we have green mango it’s hard and not very sweet.)

I certainly could have added more fat but I was fairly full.

That’s me done. It was certainly an interesting night but life throws curve balls every so often and how we react and handle these situations defines us.

Keto on rockstars🤘🏻








Day 4

Morning peeps. It’s day 4 of my new improved journey ..

Today is chest day or as I like to call it “Chesticles,” 2 chest muscles ..

I’ve already had my morning brew so it’s time to go hit those Chesticles.

Chest workout:

Bodyweight dips with added weight plates

Dumbbell Pullovers

Incline Dumbbell fly

Decline Bench press

Push ups to failure ( 3 sets )

My lifts are still increasing using my endogenous ketones (your body’s natural ketones) as fuel. I went into today with a positive mindset. Yes, the weights were heavy but I did it, concentrated on the muscle visualizing the movement.

10 AM  first meal of the day

Kauri’s chocolate waffles filled with cream and protein powder, bacon and a bullet style coffee.


I’m off to a great start, just over a 1/3 of my daily calories.

I’ve decided to set the cat amongst the pigeons in the IG group today. (Yesterday I bagged Halo ice cream and flavored pork rinds and today I’ve stuck it to exogenous ketones.) By my reasoning that’s 3 strikes I may be voted off the IG island .

So what did I write .. well I’m glad you asked.

I must admit I’m not a fan of exogenous ketones I would rather train your body to use endogenous ketones (what our body makes.) As most of those following know I’m documenting the next 5 months to reach my goal. I’m accountable and everything is documented. So while training this morning I thought those who promote these products on their IG pages, how about backing yourself and what you promote? I agree that there are benefits especially for those who are not fat adapted it’s a work around for some. But what about someone like me? What benefits, if any, will they produce as I’m all ready fat adapted and have been for almost 1 year?

So I’m asking if you are willing to send 5 samples. I will use 1 each week for each specific workout and document. I also want to add I train in a fasted state. I’m willing to put my reputation, effort and passion for keto on the line .. Let’s see who stands behind their product. P.S. I’m in Thailand. Feel free to PM me #exogenousketones #mychallenge #ketomotivation #ketoblogger #privit#ketoos #ketocoach#exogenousketons#Aussiepride

I’m passionate about this way of life, maybe a little over exuberant but I believe in good information, and then let people make their own decisions. I would be interested to see how it impacts my workouts, how my energy levels feel etc.

At the third stroke it will be 11:30.

And im hungry, sore but I feel great .

I’m going to have 30 g of pork rinds just cooked and we add salt.

With some of this blogging done it’s time for lunch.

Anyone want to guess what today’s lunch is ? Anyone ? Tuna salad!


Lunch ticked all the boxes I’m full I’m satisfied and it was tasty.

This afternoon was a bit of research and responding to emails, Facebook and all other social media.


We made plan to go out to dinner but the weather has taken a turn for the worse so we didn’t go out. Luckily we have food on hand which consisted of roast chicken and broccoli cooked in 2 tablespoons of pork fat.

I’ll finish off with 2 fat bombs for the night.



Overall another great day💪🏻


Day 3

Morning Peeps☀️

Looks like another great day in Paradise. We had storms overnight so I can get training done this morning.

Back workout

T- bar row

Australian Pull-up

Wide grip Chin -ups

Upright Row

Close grip pull up

Seated row

Again a few improvements today on lifts and reps.

Almost time for my first meal.


Savory Mince. I’ve used curry powder, pork mince, bacon, capsicum, chilli, basil, onion, mushroom, and other spices. Three eggs cracked on top then cover and simmer on low heat ( this is Kauri’s new pan.)

I’ve also added one bullet style coffee, butter, coconut oil to maintain my macros. I’m at 1054 calories for breakfast.

I’ve been writing for a while and I’m going to have a keto friendly snack, pork rinds (around 35 grams.) These are plain, nothing added.

Which brings me to one of the things that frustrate me most with bad information being published as keto. I see so many people post pork rinds as being keto friendly but don’t bother to read the ingredient list and worse keto newbies take this as gospel that it must be  correct.

I’ve just typed in pork rinds on Google and randomly selected a brand. Let’s look at the same brand but two different flavors.


Plain pork rind just have salt. But I see so many post suggesting flavored pork rinds as a keto friendly snack. Many use Maltodextrin in the ingredients.  Maltodextrin is an issue it has a higher glycemic index than sugar this brand also has sugar listed so a double whammy. As consumers  that do keto we need to read labels and understand the ingredients but more so how they effect us individually.

While I’m at it, Halo ice cream is all the rage at the moment. How can anyone who reads the actual ingredients promote this as keto friendly?

So I’ll do the same let’s Google and look at the ingredients of 2 flavored halo ice creams. Let’s look below;


Isn’t the structure of a ketogenic diet to reduce carb, become fat adapted use ketones as fuel as opposed to glucose?

So why would you introduce cane sugar back into your way of life. It really bothers me to see so many posts on both IG and Facebook that this crap is keto friendly and what by saying it’s organic sugar cane that makes it better.

I’m not here to be the keto police but for many especially diabetics certain foods are an issue. I would rather they make informed choices than act on word of mouth.


My go to meal, tuna salad.

This afternoon I was doing more research. Most of my days are spent either researching the latest theories or information on either products or posts.


Fried chicken, bok choi and I finished off with 2 fat bombs and 2 ppanna cotta (again I’m doing maintenance.)


Overall another great day ..






Day 2 of my 5 month journey

Good morning and Happy Fathers Day to all those dads out there in America. May your day be filled with socks, ties, undies and Keto breakfast.

Today is Leg Day (we have a love-hate relationship.) He hurts me week after week yet I keep going back for more. I think I need counseling.

Leg workout

Squats: Warm Up Sets (5 sets )

Box squats working sets

Leg curls 1 leg


Seated calf raise

Bulgarian split squat

You have to then ask yourself what idiot would do wall squats to finish .. Well, that idiot would be me.

Wall squat ( 3 sets)

With my Leg training done and a few personal bests on my lifts it’s time to think about preparing my first meal.

10:30 am: First meal

We have added my spin on Michelle Rock’s egg yolk coffee. I’ve then used the egg white to make scrambled eggs (bacon, garlic, tomato, capsicum, chilli) and my wife’s lovely waffles.

After my meal I caught up with a friend in America on the internet who also does keto. It’s great to be able to call someone free via messenger, viber, Skype. Makes it easy to keep in touch. Signal was a bit iffy but it was great to touch base rather than typing and fixing autocorrect every second line.

It’s just after 1 pm and time for lunch. Today will be tuna salad.

I also had 2 panna cotta. This brought up my fats.


Calories 741

Protein 47.1

Fats 59.3

Net carbs 5.2

Funny how a 400 calorie meal can fill you up. Just goes to show how filling green leafy veggies can be to keep you satiated. They really are a big part of a ketogenic lifestyle.

It’s almost 4 o’clock and it’s damn hot so I thought why not make a smoothie. Protein powder, almond milk, spinach, coconut oil and ice.

Time to do some research. A friend of mine was mentioning to avoid macadamia nuts with regards to testosterone (afterall I am a male that trains.) I didn’t find much info while researching but then I came across the following article.

Nuts and Testosterone: Do these Fat-Bombs Increase or Decrease T Levels?

It’s always good to have an open mind and a willingness to learn when a suggestion or a topic is raised. Then go do some research. So with this he may be on the money.

It’s almost time for my last meal of the day.

This will be roasted chicken with some green beans fried in butter. Macadamia nuts with 1 chocolate fat bomb.

Todays Macronutrients

I was slightly under my calories today: 2939

Protein slightly higher: 156.6 g

Fats slightly under: 247.4 g

Carbohydrates: 24 g

Overall another great day.



My keto journey . Day 1

Hi Guys I’m back ..
For those new to my blog welcome, please don’t read this on a full stomach. Wait at least half an hour and buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
I have 2 speeds– full on and and stop .. so let’s get this show on the road.

I make no apologies and butts may get hurt .. After all, this is my keto journey to reach my goal and this is a record of what works for me and I’m accountable. The only person I have to prove this to is myself.

Keto is not a one size fits all and needs to be adjusted to suit your needs, your requirements, your metabolic issues and lifestyle. I’m not here to follow what works for one person as it may not be suitable for another. I’m here to show how I set up keto, give the best information I can then hopefully, you the readers can take some of the information and use to your advantage.

If you are serious about losing weight you have to understand Macronutrients. You need to know how many calories your consuming and stay within your targets.

How can people honestly expect the optimal results if they are guessing the calories or fats they’ve consumed .. I heard the term Lazy keto .. After all, it was being Lazy that got me overweight in the first place.

We have all seen the basic pie chart. You see so many show their macros in percentages; protein 15-20%, fats 75% or higher and carbs 4-5 % ( let’s just call this 25g as most  people set their carbohydrates between 20-25 g.)

But this is a standard chart. Again this can vary depending on your metabolism or metabolic conditions. Did you know there are  actually 4 stages of keto ?

Macro calculations can be easy calculated and there are many good calculators available.
I use keto buddy it’s easy to use (link provided.)
The other thing you will need to know is your body fat percentage. The diagrams are an indication but here’s another great link to give you an idea of your bodyfat rather than a guesstimate.

So let’s get started. I’ll set up my macros.
So I’ll base the next 5 months using these calculators, tape measures. And finally body fat calipers.
The Body fat calculator has me at 13% so we will use this as a guide.( I’m actually less but I have a thin neck.)

My weigh-in this morning is 221 pounds and I will weigh in every 2 weeks on the 17th of every month (as my goal date ) and the last day of the month.
I’ve entered my data below (using the 13% body fat.)


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