Week 2 Recap

Good morning Rockstars another week completed ..

Weigh in

My weight has again  been erractic this week . I’m still fluctuating up and down. Today’s weight was  218 pounds (98.88 kg.) I’ve gained 0.6 pound compared to last weeks reading.

I’ve also done a body fat measurement both via Jackson Pollock 7 point measurement with calipers and the Skulpt. I will do this weekly.


Calipers – 10.20%

I’ve gained a little extra fat at the moment. That’s to be expected with the higher protein consumption.

Skulpt- 28.1%

So according to this, I’m

28% bodyfat .. Again, no way! I’ve since read similar complaints on Bodybuilding.com .. Disappointing .. Honestly, the $5 calipers are more accurate. I’ve actually sent Skulpt support a photo and my measurements from above with a please explain.

I’ll leave that one to the viewers ..

I will also post my body measurements every month for comparison.

Acetone reading

I also did a Ketonix breath test this morning as of late with the higher protein my reading have been about 10ppm so very low readings. This morning I was expecting the same. I measured 26ppm the highest reading I’ve had since the “Ketonix meter” was replaced.

Weight training

This week is week 2 of my new workout routine Shortcut to size.

The rep ranges have been reduced from 15 repititions to 9-11 with 10% heavier weights. Total volume lifted was heavier this week although I’m disadvantaged with my home gym as some exercises I cannot do with the equipment I have available.


Macros Review


The only day my protein was low was Thursday. Unfortunately, we were out most the day. When we got home I had a small meal then went to bed. Other than that I’ve been very consistent.

Other stuff

This week I’ve started doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on the stationary bike.

Three minutes warm up then intervals of 30seconds fast pace / 90seconds slow for 8 rounds then 2 minute cool down. This is done on my rest days Wednesday/ Saturday/ Sunday.

 Pull ups

Pull ups progressing well at this stage





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