Week 1 : week in review

Even before I started this week I had to make changes to my original plans.

I decided to change my workout routine. Rather than doing Arnold’s Blueprint, I’ve  decided to do Bodybuilding.coms – Shortcut to Size.

Each exercise is between 3-4 sets. Each set 15 reps (week one) and the last set to failure for the first two weeks.

I train 2 days, 1 day rest. Train another 2 days then 2 days rest.

I’ve also used the Bodyspace app to track my workouts.

Day one: Chest, Triceps, Calves

Day two: Back, Biceps, Abdominals


Day three: Rest

Day four: Shoulders, Traps, Calves

Day Five: Legs, Abdominals

Body weight

We always talk about weight loss NOT being linear. I have also found this to be the case with weight gain as my metabolism changes as well. This week I decided to weigh daily just to see the fluctuations from day to day.

Todays weigh in 217.4 pounds (98.61 kg.)


Pre workout supplements

I’m still taking the TKD pre workout drink. This consists of 1 scoop protein powder, 1 scoop BCAA,1 scoop Creatine, 2 Tsp of Dextrose.


Below are my macros for the week.

They have been fairly consistent. I also take supplements for Magnesium, Potasium and I don’t log Sodium.

My Skulp finally arrived.

I honestly don’t know what I think of it. My body fat as measured by the Skulpt has measured me 16% and 28% there is no way in hell I’m as high as 17% let alone 28%. However, I do want it for the muscle quality tests for the next 12 months.

Again total transparency.

Front view 

Rear view 


Muscle quality

I do admit I like this feature and each colour gives an indication of muscle quality and a rating out of 100. (Yep, we are always judged.) I know my weak points at a glance and what I need to work on already. The next twelve months I want to do more work one my calves, hamstrings and forearms.

Other stuff

I’ve stared doing pull up training for the ” muscle ups”. I’ve incorporated them 3 times this week. (One of my goals for next year is to do 5 Muscle-ups. ) My training consists of Chin ups and dips 5 sets 10 repititions.









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