A New Day a New Challenge: An Overview

Good morning peeps.

Nice to be back. I took a week off blogging as I am about to embark on a new phase of keto.

Let’s look at my whole Keto journey so far.  Thirteen months ago I was overweight. My metabolism changed and my body could no longer handle a high carb bodybuilder diet.

Three months later with keto I dropped 10 inches from my waist and dropped below 8% body fat. My weight dropped from 240 -206 pounds.

I then did maintenance for a few months, did an over feed study and also an underfeed study. Interestingly, I gained just as much not eating enough calories as I did eating surplus calories.

Three months ago I did a deficit of 10% and again lost weight down from 224- 213.8 at under 9% body fat. This was also my long term goal to not only gain muscle mass but stay under 9% bodyfat at 50 years young.

With my long term goal reached early (due date 17/11) it was time to set up some new goals ( long and short term).


I still want to gain another 9-10 pounds of lean mass this year at 50 and stay under 9% body fat. Rather than using body fat calipers I will use a Skulpt (when it arrives to track my fat and mass.)


My macro targets have been changed.

Calories 3206. This is up from 2600-2700 calories per day.

Protein 200 (25% of calories)  this was 156g previously

Fat 250 (70% of calories)  this was around 230g

Net carbs 39 (5% of calories) this was 25g Net carbs

My protein has increased from 0.8g per pound of lean mass to 0.9g. (44 g of extra protein.) This is on the higher side of protein as it ranges between 0.64-0.8 g per pound of lean mass. There is normally no advantage to consuming more than 0.82g/lb (1.8g/kg) of protein per day to preserve or build muscle once you’re past the novice level as a natural trainee. I was thinking of doing three months on high/medium and low protein all within the ranges of keto. I’m still undecided if I will. Keto is incredibly protein sparing. You do not require the huge amounts of protein that some are pushing. Again this is relevant to you and your metabolism.

My carbs have increased from 25g to 39 (9 grams is dextrose which is part of my Targeted Ketogenic Diet )

This will be my starting point.

Pre workouts

I will be taking a pre workout drink.

The drink is based on Ketogains formula.

Coffee, 9 g of dextrose, protein powder, creatine and BCAA. I’m not a fan of BCAA as supplements. There has been no documented studies proving beyond doubt that as a supplement they assist. The closest study I ever read was that may help in a fasted state while exercising. Secondly, some people find that certain brands kick them out of ketosis.

This drink is taken 30- 60 minutes before my workout.

I’m a strong believer in total transparency as I have nothing to hide. I’m not selling anything, no smoke and mirrors. I’m just documenting a process I believe in that has so many benefits which can also be incorporated into fitness.

There are not many studies with keto and building muscle documented, while it certainly helps endurance athletes as your ketone reserves and fuel are more efficient than glucose. I want to do a N=1 study for building muscle mass using Keto principles. I also want to show at 50 and naturally it can be done without TRT (testosterone replacement theropy) and that you don’t need exogenous ketones regardless of what crap they try to sell you.

I’m still reading into the whole you need carbs to build muscle debate. I will add my 5 cents later on this topic.


Weigh-ins will be twice a week Saturdays (this is my first training day of the week) and Tuesdays.

My official starting weight is 214.8 pounds.

This chart is when I was doing a deficit. I then went to maintenance calories. And now I am doing surplus calories.

Interestingly enough, the last weight gain before today was when I went up in calories to maintenance but then my metabolism sped up and weight dropped again. Today’s rise was again due to an increase of calories.

Body measurements 

I also took body measurements the other day which I posted last week but we will add them here as well.

We have my weight, height, macros, measurements, bodyfat (done with calipers using 7 point Pollock system) .



I’ve decided to make my blogs weekly rather than daily. It’s easier to see a week in review rather than read everyday. I will publish every Friday night as that is my non-training day.

That brings me to training.


I’m still undecided about workouts. Today I trained Arnold’s Blue print and did Chest ,Back and Abs.

It’s not bad for something different. I’ll do this for the eight week duration. I personally don’t like doing more than one body part per training session.

Ketogenic diet 

Keto is not a one size fits all straight out of the box application, and needs to be adjusted to not only suit you but your lifestyle and any metabolic issues.

In the past I’ve done the standard ketogenic diet (SKD). Typically 15-20% of your calories come from protein, 75-80% comes from fat and 4-5% from carbs. But again this varies,  your protein may be on the higher end of the scale if your an athlete or lower if you have issues with protein. But with this way of life  protein is your goal, fats are your lever. Eat enough good quality fats to keep your metabolism running efficiently and effectively. Carbs are your limit they should come from mainly from green leafy vegetables and some berries in moderation. Fats are not your goal and you need to tap into your reserves.

Fruits should be limited as fructose ( fruit sugar ) is processed only by the liver.

I will be doing a Targeted Ketogenic diet ( TKD) this time. The only difference is I take a specific amount of carbohydrates ( from either dextrose or glucose) pre workout. Again I do not use fruit as this’s processed and becomes liver glycogen. The carbs are added to my daily carb limit. ( 9 dextrose plus 30g net).

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and my journey for the next 12 months and beyond.













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