Day 34/96

Good Morning peeps. Happy Saturday. I didn’t post yesterday as we were travelling back and then went out to see a movie ( American Assassin.) Great movie BTW.

Today I’m going to change everything on its head.

I’m going to do maintenance for a month (around 2900 calories) then start a bulk for the next 12 months starting with 10%. (3190)

I’ve started with a TKD coffee. Now this bad boy is fully loaded . Dextrose, protein powder, creatine and BCAA. This will be my pre workout drink everyday before I train.

I’ve done my usual Saturday morning weigh in. I’m up 400g ( 214 pounds today.)

My goals for the next 12 months are to gain size (around 10 pounds lean mass) and come next November be around 8.5% body fat.

I’ve also bit the bullet and ordered the Skulpt for monthly updates.

Measurements are now done as a reference.


Today’s workout


I’ve modified my workout. Today was military press, side lateral raise, rear lateral, shrugs and front raise. The last set on each exercise was to failure.

It was a great workout, each set was 15 reps.


Choc-chip waffles with coconut cream/protein powder filling and a side of bacon (120g.)

934 calories.

There will be no lunch today, but I’m going out for dinner and we will catch up with my keto sister I met on Instagram. I’m really excited to catch up with someone else doing keto in Thailand.

Having a coffee with cream while watching the Mr Olympia weekend.

Bodybuilding is not for everyone but it’s interesting to see the competitors, the improvements and politics.

The epidemic of the Bubble Guts and Bitch Tits is astounding I know for these guys to be competitive they have to partake but it looks terrible. Old school it was astetics, symmetry now its mass.

Pre-judging is done and time to get ready to go out for dinner.

Tonight we catch up with another person doing keto in Thailand. I’m actually excited to meet her.

I’ve started with some dehydrated beef strips. I’ve also ordered the pork belly for the main. And finished off with a slice of keto cheesecake.



Today I was under on my macros. Exceeded protein and I felt satiated.

The meal and company was excellent.





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