Day 32/ 96

Good morning peeps. Happy Thursday.

We are at the hotel today so we will have breakfast first then I will go and train in the hotel gym while Kauri goes out.

Today will be a recap.

I’ve just done a Ketonix  breath reading,  Green with 6 flashes.


I always stock up on eggs here lol .

Yes this was all mine. 6 eggs (I took the two boiled eggs back for post workout), 6 slices of bacon, some beef curry, prawns and jerky (jerky was post workout as well.

Kauri has some running around to do so I’m going to train chest and triceps.

I also finished off with a 20 minute walk on the treadmill on an incline of 12.

Post workout was the two eggs, jerky and a avocado mousse with 15g of macadamia nuts.


Kauri brought back some pork belly.

125g of Pork belly and 25g of salted almonds was my lunch today.

Aftrnoon snack.

Chia pudding with added protein powder ( 15g)


I’ve cooked up some prawns tonight. Kauri also cooked a side of zucchini.



Thats today done and dusted.

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