Day 31/96

Road tripping across the universe.
Today we are on another road trip for a few days.
We have packed our travel bag with jalapeño poppers, pork rinds, salami, cream, chicken, coconut oil and some veggies.

No training today. I’m going to hit the gym when we get to the hotel.

I did breath Acetone readings this morning. They were slightly higher than yesterday’s morning reading.

Before we head off this morning we will have breakfast. I’m having a protein shake, bacon, waffles with cream/ protein filling. Sounds like a lot but still under 1000 calories for breakfast.

Morning snack.
3 jalapeño poppers

We pulled into to a servo (gas station) to grab a much needed coffee at Amazon Cafe. Time to  bring out the cream (1 tablespoon.)


Lunch by the water today.

We’ve ordered spicy mixed seafood, crab omelette, and soda water for me. Kauri also ordered veggies, fried rice and spring rolls.

The meal was nice and a great view.

It’s after 2 pm and we’ve booked into the hotel.

Time to unpack, get changed and hit the gym.

I’m going to do back and bicep workout with Kauri today.

The workout wasn’t heavy in terms of volume lifted but it was intense today. The last set of each exercise was to failure.

Tonight’s dinner was light. Salami and Kauri’s cheese crisps and some lettuce.


I’ve also done a quick breath Acetone reading, low level mid range (green with 6 flashes.) I’m not using the computer for reading ppm while I’m away. I’m going off the number of flashes.




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