Day 30 of 96

Happy Tuesday folks.

Today is my weigh-in.

I’m down another 0.2 pounds to 213.8 pounds and my bodyfat is at 8.75. I’ve decided today is the day. I’ve reached my personal goals and time for some new ones.

We have another road trip tomorrow and we will be away for a few days and we get back Friday. Monday the 18th of September my new #12 month challenge.

No more deficit. It’s time to add some size. I’m looking at 2 different macros, one for training days and one for non training days. The two main differences firstly my protein WILL remain the same.

My carbs will only be a difference of 9 gramms due to the TKD coffee. And the rest of the calorie difference will be fats.

I have used the Keto gains calculator.

My non training days will be 2810 calories. And training days 4100 calories. My maintenance before doing this deficit was 3200 to give an example so not that large a surplus in comparison. This will be my starting point. I can always adjust as I go.


Fry up again today around 1250 calories.


Mid morning snack 

Avocado chocolate mousse.

With 15 g of macadamia nuts.


Chicken salad Thai style.

My calories are almost done so dinner is going to be light.

I’ve decided to have panna cotta for dinner high in fat and with a little protein.


My calories have been increased by 300 in the form of fats today. I’m happy with today’s macros. I will gauge this for a few days and then start my change soon on Monday.

Tomorrow will be our road trip and we will workout while away.

Night everyone.

P.S just did 95 push-ups. I’m stuffed.  💪💪


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