Day 29/96

Good morning ketopians.

Monday morning. Tme to rise and shine.

Breath Acetone reading are at 17.8 this morning. I will do another measurement after my workout.

Today is my second shoulder workout and I’m going to do a different style of workout today.

I’m going to do a partial workout from ( shortcut to size). I will take the shoulder component of the workout.

I’m also going to stop taking the dextrose pre workout as it didn’t make any positive impact on my workouts. I may reintroduce it after November.

The workout was OK. If anything, I think some exercises should be longer in duration with more sets, rather than 3 sets for side laterals as an example. However, it felt good. Certainly not a huge volume today but I was still sweating like a pig at the end of today’s workout.

I’ve done a quick breath analysis and my acetone levels have dropped down to 11 ppm. Certainly not to below 5 like when I took dextrose. At the moment the results are not conclusive. Blood ketones are a much more reliable method of checking ketone levels.

The 9th of septembers large drop was when I had consumed the TKD drink with the dextrose pre workout. The last reading was just after today’s workout.

First meal

I’ve done a fry up this morning with bacon, minced meat, chilli, zucchini, eggs, etc.

950 calories of keto goodness and around 50 grams of protein.

Morning snack

40g of plain pork rinds


OK, total transparency right? I started with Kauri’s avocado mousse with macadamia nuts. Then I had a protein shake 2 scoops of protein powder (vanilla), 2 fat bombs and coffee with almond milk all blended together.


Tonight’s dinner was 120g of pork belly cooked in Thai basil.


Macros pretty good. Tomorrow is weigh in.



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