Day 27/96

Good morning peeps.

Happy Saturday. I’ve just done my Ketonix reading and I’ve blown low level but high range this morning at 20 ppm.

I have also done today’s weigh-in.

I’m down to 213.8 pounds. Down from 215.8 on Tuesday.

I’m just about to have my TDK drink and then train chest and compare the measurement.

I’ve mentioned before my strength has suffered since being on a deficit. Today was no different. I don’t like this feeling. I feel uninspired and the workouts are lack luster.

One thing I’ve taken from this is next year my deficit will be 6-8 weeks tops.

Todays chest workout.

I really struggled. I also finished off with some pull-ups 3 sets of 10 reps. I also have the push up challenge to do later in the day.

I’m realizing more and more I can’t do a deficit for longer than 6-8 weeks. It’s too taxing on the body. I need more calories.

I’ve just completed my second acetone reading and my level was 5.4,  a drop of 75%.


Waffles with cream/ protein powder filling and a side of bacon (120g.)

Morning snack

Avocado chocolate mousse with macadamias.


Tuna salad (large 140g.)

Afternoon snack

Protein shake (1 scoop)

I’ve just completed 85 push ups (15 to go.)


2 fat bombs to reach my macro targets.

Last thing to do will be to check my acetone levels.

* Breath Acetone reading 23.3 ppm the highest reading to date.


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