Day 26/96

Good morning rockstars.


Time to do my ketonix reading. I’m surprised yesterday I had a reading of 10ppm (I remember in the mornings it was always lower.) I would have thought that because my last meal was a protein shake my acetone level would be lower as acetone is the fat broken down in the liver. Today’s reading was 17 ppm just below last nights reading.

Today’s workout is my first shoulder workout of the week and I’ve changed it round a little. I added some drop sets for side laterals.

It was a good workout, a little less weight lifted than my previous week but bodybuilding is not about the amount of weight lifted.


4 jalapeño poppers for breakfast 🍳 These are a staple.

We have decided to get out of the house today.

Kauri and I will start off with a coffee. I’ve brought the survival bag as you never know what could happen. The coffee and cream is filling and it’s after 1 pm and neither of us is hungry.

An hour later and we’ve both decided to eat.

We are going back to MK and I’m ordering the duck and pork again. This time I’m going for the large serve.


This was so good that we bought a discount card to use. I will be back and the meals are quite cheap.

Unfortunately, it’s time to get back home. I also have today’s push up challenge to do.

80 push ups today. I was starting to think what have I started at 50 lol but I did it 💪💪

My calories are looking good but again, I’m going to finish my day with a protein shake. Something I usually never do but it’s two days in a row.




My calories are perfect. However, I’ve gone higher than normal on my protein. I want to see how this affects my reading.

I’ll do one last Acetone reading before I go to bed as a comparison. My Acetone reading was 11.8 ppm.


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