Day 25/96

Good morning peeps happy Thursday.

Today’s workout is on hold. It’s raining cats and dogs and I stepped into a poodle. (Dad joke.)

But I’ve decided to get my push ups done ( 75 ) and abs done before we head off for date day.

I’ve always loved to get my training out of the way first thing, that way if something happened at work or I was working late at least I got my priorities done first.


We did my world famous zucchini fry up this morning .

As I mentioned today is date day .❤️❤️❤️

We are going to see the remake of Stephen kings IT.


We’ve packed the survival bag with the staples. Today I’ve packed salami, cheese, macadamia nuts. 809 calories of keto goodness. ( That will be today’s lunch.)

The movie was OK. I give it 7/10, not that scary. Maybe I’ve seen way too many horror movies. We’ve agreed to get a meal while out. I’m going to try a local restaurant MK.

Pork belly and roast duck.

This meal was incredible. I usually am not a fan of duck but this was melt in your mouth. Looks like I’ve found a new keto place to eat.

With the meal done it leaves me short on protein. I’ll have 2 scoops of vanilla protein when I get home in a glass of water.

I’m also going to finish off with another Ab workout.


100 calories over today but I’m really happy with today’s macros.

P.S  I’ve been using the Ketonix again so I can get some comparisons. My final reading was 18ppm, so low range Mid level will be interesting to see how a high protein no fat meal effects my readings in the morning.


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