Day 24/96

Good morning Peeps.

Today is back day. I’m still a little sore in my shoulder blade but today I need to work out.

Pre-workout will be my TDK coffee.

Today I incorporated wide and narrow grip pull-ups, so the total volume lifted will be less. (I don’t incorporate my bodyweight.)

It was a good workout. There was no breeze today and Kauri and I got our sweat on.

First meal:

Today looks like a waffle kind of day.

This was washed down with 120g of bacon and a coffee with cream. That was 958 calories of keto goodness.

I also have some great news ..

The Ketonix replacement has arrived today. I’ve just done a comparison and yes the old one definitely is faulty. I did 2 readings on the new one acetone was present and my faulty unit showed nothing.

So hopefully I can start adding data again, which was my intention all along to have it posted in my blog at the start of January.

Morning snack

Chocolate avocado mousse

I’ve also completed today’s push up challenge of 70.

100 is not that far away.


200g of pork belly today. I also had two of Kauri’s ketonuts today.

I’ve been doing some research today again with protein, but also on muscle glycogen and a ketodiet. I’ll write something shortly on this.


Roast chicken made into a stir fry tonight.


My proteins just under today but that’s fine.





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