Day 23/96

Good morning rockstars.

Today is going to be a non training/recovery day I feel really sore today. This morning is also my second weigh in.

My weight is up a pound today. Again, for me it’s not an issue. I understand the process and factors attributed the what the scales tell us. I’m 215.4 pounds.

This morning I’m going to do our “world famous” fry up.

938 calories of keto goodness.

Morning snack was Kauri’s choc/avocado mousse.

Lunch was home made cheese crisps and salami.

Very nice indeed. Photo care of Kauri and her Samsung phone.

This afternoon Kauri had to take Miss Daisy out so I’m home alone. I’m going to be bad, I’ve decided to have 20g of peanuts šŸ„œ. I’ve always been confused about peanuts on keto. Peanuts are a legume so they are not considered keto but says peanut butter is ok yet it’s peanuts and salt. It doesn’t adversely effect me and I don’t have them often so today I’m going to have some. Let’s just keep that between us.

I’ve also done my push up challange today 65 push-ups.

8 days to go.


My last meal was roast chicken and bok choi.

That concludes today’s post.


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