Day 22/96

Good morning and happy Monday. No hitting the snooze button,  time to get up. Rise and shine.

Today is my second shoulder workout of the week.

Today I’m upping the anti I’m placing all my bets on black. I’m increasing my reps from 4-12 depending on exercise to 15 -20. Again, to build muscle it’s about time under tension, strick form and mind muscle connection. (Remember this as there will be a test on the last day😜)

Today I really concentrated on both concentric and eccentric movement of the exercise. I’m sore really sore today.

First meal

Today I’ve made a waffle burger.

We have 125 g pork patty with spices and cheese centre, bacon, cheese, lettuce, fried onion/ Jalapeño/ tomato, 2 fried eggs and other secret herbs and spices.

This bad boy came in at 1373 calories. How bad you ask?  It’s so bad it kicks sand in its own face.

This was fantastic and seriously filling. Who ever thought of a waffle burger needs to be given a pat on the back (excuse me for a sec while I give myself a pat on the back 👏)

Morning snack

One of Kauri’s avocado chocolate mousse.

Lunch was pork rinds. I’m so full from breakfast lol

At this stage imat 2100 calories so 400 to go.


Dinner tonight is roast chicken, green curry and some macadamia nuts.



Another great day.




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