Day 21/96

Good morning sports fans, and what a lovely Sunday morning its turned out to be.

Today I’m training solo. Special K has to take Miss Daisy out. So I’m stuck at home with Gaylord.

Todays post will be a quick one.

Todays workout is Biceps/triceps.

The workout was good. I lifted a slight amount more today but it felt great.

Special K made some Jalepino poppers for me this morning so I actually ate all of them for breakfast.

1290 calories and 60 g of protein.

Being Sunday and home alone, I’m bored I can’t annoy Kauri. I’ve done some writing but it’s no fun.

Today I’ve done a couple of posts on IG. Sorry blog, I’ve been two timing you today. I needed to post about people putting themselves down and the fact they are not losers or failures. Life in general is a constant learning experience and we evolve and learn from our failures and successes to become better. (That’s the short version.)

It’s morning snack time.

Kauri’s chocolate avocado mousse.

These are seriously divine. I can not put into how good these taste.

Today I was chatting to a few friends on messenger and IG. It really is great talking with fellow Australians. Thank you social media.


I must admit I got a little carried away with lunch.

Fried chicken and pork belly.

This was delicious and disappeared off the plate fast.

Calories 656 and 55g of protein.

I’m actually very close to today’s Macros except I’m a little short on protein. I’ll finish off with a protein powder just plain vanilla and some water.


Well, that’s my boring day.


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