Day 20/96

Good morning, I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

Today is my 2nd weigh in of the week. My weigh ins are Tuesdays and Saturdays.

I’ve lost another pound. I’m actually surprised to be honest. I wasn’t sure if my TKD coffee would have any effect my weight loss.

I’m more interested in bodyfat percentage and muscle mass rather than weight loss numbers. I don’t have a specific weight loss target in mind,  although I still want to gain enough good quality muscle mass each year.

Chest workout.

Today’s workout wasn’t as much weight as normal but it was effective. A lot of dumbbell work today. Incline press, pullovers, standing fly and decline press. I also have push ups to do later today (55).


Today was Fry day. Mince, bacon, eggs, zucchini and spices.

This meal came to 893 calories with 55 g of protein.

Morning snack 

Home made cheese crisps.

We actually had these to take yesterday to the movies but left them at home. 418 calories 30g protein.


Avocado mousse, macadamia nuts, and one vanilla protein shake with water. Usually I would add oil but there’s more than enough fats in the mousse.


100g of chicken tonight. That’s it.



Well that’s about it today short and sweet.


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