Day 19/96

Good Morning my little fat fuelled ketopians.

Happy Friday and a pinch and a punch for the first day of the month.

A new month, a new workout week and it’s Friday. What’s not to love.

Shoulder workout.

Not a bad workout today. Overall I give it an 8/10.


Waffles with a protein powder/cream filling and bacon 🥓.

The survival bag is packed and we are off to see American Made today.

Time for a quick coffee and cream before we head upstairs to the movies.

The usual suspects salami chips (80g), macadamia nuts (40g), and cream for coffee.

The movie was enjoyable. Withe the movie done time to grab a bite to eat.


1/2 Roast chicken and chicken noodle soup (without the noodles.) You add condiments vinegar, chilli, fish sauce.

It’s almost 5 pm. So been a wonderful day out. My macros are well on par. I’ll finish off with a protein shake and that should have me on point today.

I’ve just completed today’s push up challange.

I also did a quick photo to show how my progress is going.


So definitely some changes.


Tonight was very basic just a protein shake with water. That’s it tonight.

A great day out with Kauri and macros done. I’m happy with the progress between the photos. Getting there.


2 thoughts on “Day 19/96”

  1. The soup looked bomb, you’re progress is incredible, and I can’t stand Tom cruise. lol he’s a pretty good actor though hahaha seriously mate! Your dedication and progress is so inspiring

  2. Yes I agree I’m not a TC fan at all what ever did our Nicole see in him? But The movie was ok plus it was the only thing to see and got us out of the house

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