Day 18/96

Good morning rockstars.

Another night full of storms but this morning it’s clear skies and business as usual.

It’s leg day today and as always on leg day it seems Kauri has to go out. It’s uncanny.

I’ve had my TKD coffee 30 minutes before training and it’s time to rock and roll.

I honestly don’t know what happened today’s workout dragged. I just can’t seem to get into my groove since dieting down.

First meal

Pork belly, 3 fried eggs and peppers. The tomatoes were decoration and I gave them to Kauri.

738 Calories.

Today’s push up challange has also been completed. I even videoed it and posted on IG 50 push-ups today.

And this victory was finished with 2 of Kauri’s Ketonuts.


I’m afraid to post this lol. We made cheese crisps. Now that in itself isn’t bad but I also had pork rinds. Talk about dry on dry and lacklustre. No salad, no tuna. I just wanted easy for lunch. I was going to have some salami and maybe even so olives but we will save that for tomorrow’s date day.


Tonight’s dinner was roast chicken (210g) and red curry.


The only thing I should have had some leafy greens today.

My bad.

The last thing I need to do tonight is a quick abdominal workout as it didn’t get done last night.



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