Day 17/96

Good morning, Good morning.

No sign of rain today woohoo. So back workout here I come.

You know how I’ve said believe in the process and do what works best for you. Well I love doing self experiments and even though I’m 2 months out from my goal I’m going to make a change. (So much for if it ain’t broke don’t change it.)

I’m going to start doing a Targeted Keto Diet or TKD as it’s known. This is more so for training.

TKD is where you take a certain amount of carbs (in the form of glucose or dextrose) 30 minutes prior to training. Today with calculations in hand I made my TKD coffee  (160 calories) and 30 minutes later I’ll start my workout.

To be honest I felt a little queasy. I’m so used to training in a fasted state and this wasn’t a pleasant feeling.


Today’s workout was ok. I didn’t particularly notice anything different. However, my lifts were a little better today. I put this down to an improvement on grip strength on both the shrugs and deadlifts.

First meal

Jalapeño poppers today.

860 calories of goodness.


I had my usual snack of plain pork rinds(35g) and also did some cleaning. I helped clean the fridge and ate two of Kauri’s ketonuts.🤣🤣

Its almost 1:30pm. Today’s lunch will be a thai salad.

I’ve mentioned before this was a Thai dish that Kauri taught me to make. When we have it this always reminds me of our time in Sydney, Australia.

Calories 373

Push up challenge is also done 50 today.



180g of roast chicken and Thai red curry.


I’ll just add in case I have someone new reading. I don’t add salt on the data but I do salt everything. I also have Magnesium supplement at night.


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    1. Thank you . The chicken salad is refreshing left over chicken, cucumber, red onion ,Thai basil ( you can use mint as a replacement , a little fish sauce , and some chili with a squeeze of lime .

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