Day 16/96

Good morning Folks,

It’s been a night full of storms, rain and some slight flooding. This morning it’s still raining so today’s back workout will be postponed and changed to “My non training day”.

First thing today’s weigh in. I will still weight twice a week till the end of my blog.

Todays weigh in 215.6 pounds.(Again weight loss is NOT linear.)

First meal of the day.

Zucchini fry up. Being that it’s a cold miserable day today it’s time for something warm and tasty in our bellies.

This is a very simple meal to make. Some savory mince, add some spices of your choice and crack a few eggs on top.

Cover till eggs are just cooked.

This was a large meal and I also had a coffee with cream and collagen.

Calories 1178.

Morning Snack.

Kauri made some cheese crisps.

So light and crispy. Some cheese in the microwave for a few minutes and you’re done.

Calories  401.


Chicken Thai salad.

Afternoon snack.

I’ve had 3 of Kauri’s Ketonuts.

Surprisingly ive hit my macros already. Although breakfast was on the large side, so it’s understandable . Its 3 pm and that’s my last meal. My intermittent fast will be longer tonight.



So that’s today done.

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