Day 15/96

Happy Monday people.

Today is my second shoulder workout.

Overall it was a good workout. I’m still trying to mix things up a little to get my shoulders to grow.

First meal of the day.

Scrambled eggs today, no bacon just plain scrambled eggs. They were still light and fluffy.

4 eggs, coconut cream and oil for the pan. It really doesn’t get any simpler. This meal comes to 582 calories.

Morning snack

35g bag of plain pork rinds. I’m still very low on calories and proteins this point.


I had a tin of tuna and fried it in oil added onion, capsicum, chilli and curry powder and a little bit of stock. I also had a protein shake with almond milk. 517 calories.

Afternoon snack

I had Kauri’s Ketonuts. These little donuts are dangerous. 😂

These little Ketonuts taste just like the real thing. 600 Calories.

I’ve been reaserching for my next challange and I’m looking into TKD (Targeted Keto Diet.) I mentioned in a previous post that I felt lethargic as I’m in a deficit. By utilising a TKD approach I can have some carbs pre workout. These carbs come in the form of dextrose or glucose and are calculated for my bodyweight. Fructose is not used as it just refills liver glycogen.

It’s going to be an interesting process. While I was doing maintenance strength was not an issue but the past few weeks of deficit it’s come at a cost to my strength. Stamina is fine but no increase in strength.

I’ve just completed today’s push-up challange 41 today.


Chicken and green curry with mustard greens tonight.


Done and dusted.






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    1. The jury’s still out on the TDK at this point I can’t see if it’s doing much although I’m sore after every workout ( maybe the dextrose feeding muscles ) time will tell certainly no difference in strength but I’m not in maintenance either

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