Day 14/96

Morning fight fans. Who’s going to win?

A) professional Boxer who’s undefeated  or

B) UFC champ going round for round in a boxing match.

I love going for the underdog but seriously this isn’t going to end well for Mcgregor it’s not a even match. It would be the same as a boxer taking on a UFC fighter in a UFC fight .

Its Sunday and last nights downpour has finally come to a halt. This mornings workout will be arms.

Only 6 exercises today but I felt every one of them. My triceps are already sore. I also changed some of the exercises around today to give some added ” muscle confusion.”

With Arms out of the way it’s 10am and almost time for my first meal.

First meal is one of my favourites Jalapeño poppers.

I’m going to check  if the fight is broadcasted on Truevision Today.

We are in luck it’s going Live in 1 hour so we will prepare some keto snacks. Ketonuts, pork rinds. That should last me 12 rounds lol.

Shhhh the fights about to start. I didn’t enjoy todays fight it reminded me of two kittens play fighting till round 10. I miss the days of Mike Tyson. The only exciting mixed arts fight I ever saw was Mike Tyson vs Ip man. Yes choreographed but incredible

It’s almost lunch time.

Fried chicken and salad.

So far I’m sitting at 1955 calories for the day.


I honestly can’t beleive the crap people post on social media especially those trying to lose weight. I’ve mentioned before how much I hate cheat posts and people who justify them. Well this has to be the most pathetic excuse. Why post stupid crap like this for others to see.

I removed the donut photo and the persons Name but seriously what a inconsiderate and stupid thing to post on a ketogenic/ weight loss page.

I honesty don’t know why people that plan to cheat have to post it all over  social media to make themselves feel better. I have no sympathy what so ever.

Last meal of the day.

It’s the first evening in a few nights where it hasn’t been raining. So we finally get to go out to dinner. Tonight I’m going to have pork belly.

I’ve already done my macros so this will be perfect.

That’s tonight’s meal. The green chilli sauce is used on seafood as well it’s not sweetened.


My proteins a little higher than normal but that’s fine by me.

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  1. Seriously, I hate when keto accounts post that crap, if people do that or post dirty keto I unfollow… oh and that fight… lol I was expecting DO much more. Boxing is just not as fun to watch as MMA

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