Day 13/96

Good morning rockstars.

Today is Saturday so before we get the day up and running I’ll do today’s weigh in. My weight is up a pound.

Even though I’m still in a deficit I’ve gained weight (but I’ve also stopped cardio, and my metabolism has slowed accordingly.) What do people do in this situation?

They really do. They get stressed because of what the scale says and how do some fix it?  They go straight on a fast. Yep we’ve been over this before. Today I even saw a post about this. They lost weight when they fasted but when they ate again they gained weight. No surprises here.

It’s not rocket science but for some it might as well be.

You stress, you reduce calories to a point where your metabolism is going to slow down. People need to understand how keto works, how weightloss works for their goals, metabolism and any metabolic disorders.

I’m not concerned in the slightest that I’ve gained one pound. My bodyweight can fluctuate four pounds just with fluids. If anything you take away from my posts, don’t be a slave to the scales. It’s unhealthy.

Last Night I rearranged my workouts.

Today is chest.

I must admit my strength has gone down slightly. I can understand that if I lost muscle mass as well as fat but from my calculations my muscle mass has not been compromised. And my protein goals are always met. So my lifts should not compromised either. Certainly food for thought.

First meal of the day

Scrambled eggs

This is 4 eggs, cream, bacon, onion, cherry tomato and chilli, cooked in coconut oil. I also had a coffee and cream to finish the meal.

756 calories.

Special K made another batch of her Ketonuts (just made that up.)

These are really good. I know she is working on posting the recipe. 😋

It’s 1:30 and I’m going to have a snack rather than a meal. Pork rinds (35g)

Around 3pm I had a tuna salad.

I must admit today has been low key 🔑. Its 4.20 and I’ve just completed today’s push up challenge (38.)


Tonight’s dinner was 200g of pork belly and some mustard greens.


I’ve finished of tonight with an ab workout.








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