Day 10/ 96

Good morning rockstars. I hope everyone is well and wishing you the best on your goals.

Today is leg day. Well it should have been.😞

My neck is still very tight and if I do squats it’s just gaining to add insult to injury. So I’m going to swap today and make it a recovery/rest day. The old me would have been pissed off missing a workout but you can’t worry about a situation you have no control over. It’s better to train smart and recover rather than prolong an injury or make it worse.

I thought today I would do a quick bodyfat measurement using my body fat calipers. Come hell or highwater I’m going to get a sculpt next year.


I’ve also gained 9 pounds of lean muscle mass this year and as my goal for my 50th was to gain muscle mass while staying under 10% bodyfat I’m on point. I plan to do the same for the next year and replicate the results.

I love how at under 9% bodyfat I’m still overweight with a BMI of 27.1. BMI is so out dated 🤣🤣

It’s 9:30am so I think I’ll go make breakfast.

Scrambled eggs, with bacon, peppers, tomarto and halloumi cheese (not in picture.)


So darn tasty. 😋

Special K has been working on a new panna cotta recipe using almond milk. Rather than the milk going off as we don’t have protein shakes that often.

Calories 96

Protein 5g

Fats 7.5g

Net carbs 1

This makes an excellent little treat.

Todays push-up challenge is done.


Before I forget I should add we started doing abdominal work again. I will do this on alternate days.

It’s an app simply called “Abs. ”

At the moment I’ll replace HIIT and do the 6 Pack Abs. Yes I do a bit of exercise but how badly do you want your goals. I will add HIIT again n the last 1-2 months.

It’s 12:30 pm and I’m going to have a snack, pork rinds.

Calories 190

Protein 21.5g

Fats 11g

Net Carbs 0

1:45 pm time for lunch.

Salami and home made crisps.

I’ve had an afternoon snack of 1/2 avocado mousse.


Calories 184

Protein 7.7

Fats 15.9

Net carbs 2.7

This leaves me with around 500 calories left for the day.

Last meal

130 g of roast chicken and some green curry with bok choi.


Not a bad day as far as calories and macros today.










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