Day 9/96

Good Morning Rock stars. Today’s Tuesday so I’ll do my weigh-in this morning.

Surprisingly I’m down another pound since Saturday. I’ve also done NO cardio exercises since we’ve been back and I’m going to put cardio on hiatus for the next month.

I’m using a new weight tracking app for the remainder of my journey.

At the end of the day it really does pay to track your macros, understand what works best for you and beleive in yourself.

I’ve said this many times it’s pointless jumping into various types of fasts when you are in the early stages of keto. You need to be “Fat Adapted” first. Fasting is a natural process. ( I do 16/8 every night. Fasting has so many benefits.)

I Also have another piece of data that I’ve done. Is Keto muscle sparing? Is muscle mass compromised?

I’ve always read that with intermittent fasting/fasting that its muscle sparing.  I’ve also read it’s muscle sparing as long as you incorporate resistance training. With my weight loss this month let’s see if I have lost any muscle mass as well during my deficit.


Going on the data above my muscle mass has remained the same during my deficit phase over the past month. The loss has been fat loss only, muscle mass has not been compromised.

Today would usually be my second shoulder workout for the week. My shoulders are still really sore from last week’s workout so I’m going to rest my shoulders and do arms today instead. ( Always listen to your body.)

Bicep and triceps


Waffles with cream and protein powder filling, halloumi cheese and bacon.

I’ve also done my push-up challange today after breakfast.

I’m going to have a snack of pork rinds. (40g)

Calories 218

Protein 24.5

Fats 12.5

Net carbs 0

Unfortunately I had to rewrite my post as it decided to go MIA today .


Thai chicken salad. I also had one of Kauri’s avocado chocolate mousse.

Yes it’s a hard life but someone has to step forward and eat this way. It’s not a diet at all. I’ve never been so happy to eat this way and lose weight/body fat.


My last meal of the day

This will be chicken (around 100g) with green curry and a serving of green veggies. I also finished tonight’s meal with 2 plain fat bombs.


Another day done and dusted ..


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