Good morning peeps,

Happy Monday. Where did the weekend go?

Chest workout

I wish I could say every workout kicked ass. But some days are better than others. Today’s workout was lack luster. I felt weak today and struggled. I slightly improved on a couple of lifts but nothing to write home about.

First meal 

Scrambled eggs, with bacon, jalapeño, tomato and onion.

I also had an avocado mousse. I was still hungry 😋

No macadamia nuts added today …

I came across a really good webpage today ..


Such a great idea so you can visualize your progress and also where you want to be down the track.

Time for a morning snack ..

Pork crackling  35 g pcket.

Calories 190

Protein 21.5

Fat 11

Net carbs 0

With some writing done it’s 1:30 pm and time for lunch.

Fried chicken and salad.

Lunch was excellent.

Today was supposed to be rest day on push up challange but I’ve decided as I did a lack lustre chest workout I’ll add the 25 push-ups today ..

This afternoon I didn’t do a lot, playing catch up on IG, check up on my peeps and also see who unfollowed so I can be polite and return the favour (really frustrates me when keto ppl do it.) I still follow people for support even though I’ve taken a break ..

Tonight we are having a quick meal as Kauri has to go out. This is as low key as it gets.

Almond milk, protein powder, coconut oil, and spinach. I’ve also had 20g of macadamia nuts.

Todays Macros

Another day and within range ..


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