Day 7/96

Good morning peeps. I hope everyone’s having a fantastic weekend.

So let’s get on with today’s entry.

As I’m back home first thing is ACV (1 tablespoon) mixed with water. I don’t dilute it that much but make sure you rinse well afterwards otherwise it will ruin the enamel on your teeth ..But the dentist will love you lol

It’s just after 7:20 am. Time to go hit my back workout ..

I don’t have a pulldown machine outside and today was my first attempt of weighted pull-ups since my bicep injury. Overall I was happy with today’s workout. I usually do two variants on pull ups on back workouts and as today’s felt OK I’ll add the second next week.

First meal

I couldn’t decide on sweet or Savory today so I had a bit of both.

Waffles with cream/ protein filling and bacon and halloumi.

A very tasty meal indeed who said keto had to be boring?

I’ve also completed today’s Push-up challange (21 push-ups). Tomorrow is rest day on them so we be marked it off as well.

I’m going to have a morning snack of pork rinds. These are world famous as Kauri would say. They are plain with salt added. The bags weigh 40g.

Calories 218

Protein 24.5

Fats 12.5

Net carbs 0

We’ve decided to go to the movies today as we missed out on date day this week as we were away. With my “survival bag “packed we are going to see ‘Ghost House’, a movie about spirit houses in Thailand. The trailer looks good ..

And if Kauri gets scared well, she can cuddle up (or is that the other way around ) lol

I’ve packed the usual suspects macadamia nuts, salami chips and some cream for coffee. This will be my lunch (I’ll eat this when the movie starts around 2:20 pm.)

Calories 894

Protein 22.6g

Fats 88.2g

Net carbs 3.1

It’s now just after 4:30. Really enjoyed the movie …

We’re going downstairs to get some Thai chicken noodle soup minus the noodles .. It has chicken, sprouts and I add chili, vinegar and fish sauce.


We are going to head home. Dinner tonight will be light just to get my protein levels on point.

100g of chicken and 40g of lettuce ..


Another great day .. We’ve been out most of the day and macros on point ..

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