One-year Ketoversary

Good morning peeps. Today I’m excited it’s my one-year Ketoversary and it’s been a bit roller coaster but one hell of a ride ..

Before I start I’ll do my weigh-in and body fat percentage as this is one month  down.


I’ve lost 6 pounds over the month ..

Body fat 

When I started one month ago my body fat was around 12.54 %

So even though my body weight fluctuated my body fat still dropped at a constant rate.

I would just like to say what I write is not a personal attack on anyone. I want to address what I see everyday on social media. The struggles are real beleive me. I was addicted to carbs .. I’ve been on IG as support but I’ve also had my own Keto groups on Facebook ..Seriously there is so much crap and bad information out there.

OK, with pleasantries out of the way let’s do a review of my year in keto …

Let’s do this …

What I’ve learned and seen over the past 12 months..

If you’re seriously looking at changing for the better you need to be willing to make changes as well as invest time and effort. Understand what works best for you, not what may work best for someone else. Be committed, focused even a bit selfish and above all else believe in yourself. If you want to do Lazy Keto or do this way of life half-ass, unfortunately  the results will reflect the effort you put in to it. And the only person you are cheating in the long run is yourself.


To get the most from a ketogenic diet you need to track macros. Get an understanding of how many carbs, fats and proteins need to consume to reach your goals. Guestimates won’t do it.

Macros are based on your Gender, Height, Age, Weight, Body fat and Activity level. Even two people with the same height and weight will have different macro calculations. Your calories will be reflected within your personal goals be it weight gain, maintenance or weight loss.

Everyone is different and this is why I don’t like seeing the typical cookie cutter programmes being promoted “eat 1200 calories a day to lose weight.” Yes it may work at first. But it’s like buying a suit or a dress. You not going to just grab the first one of the rack and expect it to be a perfect fit. It needs to be tailored for you, your goals and any metabolic disorders.

Your Proteins, Fats and Carbs will be in Grams (not percentages.) There are many great apps for calculating macros online , Ketodiet Buddy, Ketogains .. etc

Proteins,fats and carbs 

When I first started out I did the traditional 70-75 % fat, 15-20% protein and 25 g Net carbs and I had great success but I also made fats my goal as well as protein .. The things learned is that Protein is your only Goal . Carbs your Limit and Fats ( good quality fats) are used to keep you full and keep your metabolism running efficiently. You don’t need to hit your fat targets if you are satiated.


When you adjust your macros protein is usually consistent regardless of your goals, be it weight loss or weight gain, fat is always the variable ..

with macros in check let’s look at food.


So where is the HaloTop ice cream, flavoured pork rinds or tofu ? (Soy is usually GMO, better using coconut aminos.) And the Exogenous ketones on the last line are rubbish ..I’ll address these later.



These should be from fattier cuts of meat, fish, pork, mince, bacon, salami, sausages, egg whites.


Good quality fats. Do NOT use processed vegetable oils .. Rather, use olive oils , coconut oils, gee, butter (not margarine), lard, macadamia oil, palm oil. Also remember when cooking some oils are better than others and have a high smoke point for this reason.

You also have egg yolks, avocado, nuts (except peanuts: they are a legume,) cheese, egg yolks, etc.


Carbs should be from green leafy vegetables and berries in moderation. With fruit, fructose ( fruit sugar) is only processed by the liver … Keep fruit to a minimum. Again, berries  in moderation.


Trust in the process

Every one wants results yesterday. Learn to be patient. You didn’t gain the weight in a few weeks so don’t expect to drop it the same way. Be grateful for every pound lost. Again, everyone is different don’t compare your weight loss journey to someone else’s.

There  are a few stages to keto and becoming fat adapted. Firstly, detoxing your body from the sugars and cravings. This can take several days to two weeks depending on how dependent your body was on carbs.

Stage 2, your gonna feel like crap. You’ll be miserable, lethargic, mood swings, etc. (Make sure you take electrolytes.) Your workouts are going to suck.

The third stage is becoming fat adapted. This can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks. Your body is using ketones as it’s primary fuel source rather than glucose.

I see so many newbies that are a few weeks into a ketogenic lifestyle and then go stress their bodies even more by fasting .. OMG people …All that stressing does is stall your progress!

Fasting is great and I’ve been Intermittent Fasting for years but get your body fat adapted first so it’s not craving glucose making it that much tougher. Also fasting will be a natural transition over time with keto. Good fats keep you fuller longer.

Scales obsession


I’ve done so many posts on scales and weight loss.

Scales are just a tool they are Not Your Boyfriend or partner. They are not going to always tell you that you look great. It’s a casual relationship. You catch up every once in a while to see how things are going .. DON’T be the clingy, needy girlfriend .. It doesn’t end well ..

Weight loss is not linear. It goes up, it goes down .. Weight loss is dependent on hydration levels, hormones, STRESS, muscle mass, etc. The scales do not reflect changes in your bodies composition. It won’t reflect that. As your fat cells are depleting they are filling with water to maintain their shape as a fail safe befor they collapse .. A lot is happening within your body and the scales will not reflect these changes.

When I was an admin in a keto group we had one lady who was so upset with her weigh-in that she bought another set of scales and when it displayed the same weight she got so distraught she emotionally ate .. Don’t let the scales take control over you. You are your motions people.

Use a tape measure, how clothes feel and photo comparisons as your NSV.


Ingredient lists 

Learn to read labels and understand what is and what is not keto .. I also had to learn the hard way rather than listen to the hearsay of others. I’ll give a great example of how easily it is to be fooled by marketing . This product I’ve seen advertised as keto friendly on social media and YouTube and I bought it when I first started after watching a YouTube post .. This is one of two packets I purchased.

It’s sugar free and fat free .. great choice?

The problem being that is has Maltodextrin, a substance that has a higher glycemic index than sugar. Also Soy Lectin is another non keto friendly product .. It really pays to check the ingredient list first. I’m not preaching. Just making people aware if they do actually stall or gain unwanted weight it may be what’s in the ingredients.

Food in general

I really, really FN hate cheat posts ..

If you consciously make the choice to cheat and over do it, then you get what you deserve .. I hate seeing non keto food posts especially the ones that were triggers for me. Life isn’t perfect and sometimes we make the wrong choices or have to make the best choices available at the time and I get it, but when you plan to do it and over indulged that’s something. That’s not keto friendly. Well, that’s completely different.. The comments like I needed this .. No you didn’t and we didn’t need to see it either !!

The one thing I’ve noticed more and more as a society we have become lazy .. So many want convenience and easy.

This is why so many fail or stall. I’ve seen food pics of shopping trolleys filled to the brim with processed foods. The flavoured pork rinds (maltodextrin/ Msg), the Halo top ice cream (Cane sugar), The Quest Bars, Low carb Cookies , Whey protein powders, supplements (non keto), Wine, low carb beer etc. Trolleys filled with treats .. We seem to be moving more towards convience and easy and away from keto.  What happened to real food, fattier cuts of meat, green leafy vegetables, berries in moderation? It’s becoming  a ” Clayton’s keto” the keto you have when your not having keto. Or even worse IIFYM ( if if fits your macros.)

Training on keto

I really beleive and in my experience a Ketogenic lifestyle and weight training go hand in hand (once you get over the fat adapting phase.)

I’ve never felt stronger or had better lifts going back 3 years or more. I also train in a fasted state with no supplements. I don’t take a pre-workout and just have a black coffee and water. We need to stop being couch potatoes, get off our asses and move, even walking is such a great exercise. Again, use those who inspire you make it happen .. Your never too old. The only thing stopping you is you ..

Exogenous ketones 

I really don’t like these sort of products or the low life’s that PM you trying to sell them under the guise that they are interested in following your progress.(My best friend on social media got this a lot.) I wish they would crawl back under the rock they came from. When you check out their profile to see what they have done and their transformations, well they obviously don’t benefit from it ..

Why the hell would you take exogenous ketones that mask the effect of ketosis for an hour or so? Surely you would be far better to tap into  your body to use the endogenous ketones it naturally produces. I would see these promoters post with a glass of wine or some of the processed crap and justify it because they take exogenous ketones. It just sends the wrong message .. It was funny when I tagged all these sellers to send me 5 free samples earlier in the year so I could do an honest opinion and write up .. No one took me up on it so much for believing in the product.

Measuring devices

3 options

Blood ketones meter  – the most accurate. Also you can get a dual meter that does blood glucose/ketones but the downside strips get expensive and if you don’t like your finger being pricked it may not be for you.

Pee strips –  these have been proven to be unrealiable readings may be inconsistent between brands but at least your both pricking anything. I’ve also read that once your body processes the ketones to full effect your readings will be lower.

Breath acetone – Ketonix. Not that accurate and hard to understand the data. Mine failed twice and I had to send back at my cost. I’m not a fan of this product. (It also takes 4 minutes every time to warm up before it’s ready to use.) You also have to expel the last 1/4 of air from your lungs.

How do you know your in ketosis?

More energy

Craving fried food

Mental clarity

Keto breath

So what have I learnt a year into keto?

* Do your research and understand the process .. and what is and is not considered keto.

*Track macros

* Trust the process

* Protein is your goal .. carbs your limit …. Fats your lever

* Understand what works for you, for your goal and any metabolic disorders. Don’t blindly follow others.

* Do not start fasting until you are fat adapted.

* Read labels especially the ingredient list.

* Some foods may be hindering your process  dairy, whey protein, sweeteners, etc.

Do not underfed .. if your calories are too low your metabolism can and most likely will slow. Sometimes you need more calories to kickstart your metabolism. We found this a lot of times in admin people were not eating enough.

Have a good support group. Use like minded individual to inspire, motivate and have the same passions to help you reach your personal goals. (I found for me IG had so many brilliant people.) Sometimes you need to cut the safety ropes and set yourself free from those who bring you down.

In closing, it’s been a fantastic journey. It’s been enlightening, educational with a dash of frustration thrown in at times. I’ve dropped weight and inches rapidly in the first 3 months and then experimented while doing maintenance, over feed study and underfed. And gone back to a deficit this past month.

I found what may have worked well last time might not be as effective this time round. I’m constantly learning not only about keto but how it effects me. Everyone is unique as is their journey .. With patience, knowledge  and determination comes results.

.. I still have my goal for November And Beyond ..











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