Day 5/96

Happy Friday everyone ..
Today we head back to Bangkok ..
We are going to train shoulders this morning before breakfast. Usually this workout would be Saturday, but we might as well get it over with and no mosquitoes to contend with is a bonus.
Today’s workout was excellent .. Mostly dumbbell work with a bench press/shoulder press machine thrown in for good measure .. (this was also used to do shrugs.)
We trained just over an hour but averaged 30 seconds rest between sets ..

With training out of the way it’s breakfast time.
I’ve grabbed some slow roasted pork, bacon and 6 eggs today …
The pork was cooked to perfection and just fell apart. Surprisingly, it seems a lot of food but most my meals are around 1000 calories and a lot smaller ..

Breakfast is done and dusted. It’s time to shower, pack and hit the road.
It was a nice little trip, a combination of business and a little bit of R and R.

I really do enjoy finding a hotel with a decent gym. It’s only an hour out of your day. The workouts were as good as when we are at home .. (Kauri’s nodding in agreement.)
If anything when I’m away my carbs are usually lower (no home made waffles lol.) It will be interesting see how tomorrow’s weigh in and body fat results look.

Two things we didn’t do this time away ..
1/ no ACV ..
2/ I didn’t bring scales. Most of the food I can eyeball and be close but it’s still a guesstimate. Also we didn’t eat out this time as we cooked all meals plus ate what we packed. Macros were ideal ..

For me fitness will always be a big part of what I do. Even while on holiday .. If I cheat it would not be processed crap either. I would have some fruit or if I have a drink it would be vodka and Coke Zero .. I really do not miss the non keto foods and I loved the sweet stuff. (I had a major Carb addiction.) Again, I’m not preaching I’m just saying what works for me and what hasn’t  ..

With everything packed it’s time to get on the golf buggy and get a lift to the car park. I really want to take this one for a joy ride.

Kauri’s always super competitive

Outsmarted again ..😝

This morning started off overcast with a slight hint of rain but the sun’s trying to shine and it’s hot even with the aircon on ..

As we headed home we passed an ice cream truck. This is supposedly low fat (so heaps of sugar) ice cream made in Thailand  .. I’ll do a quick search and see how much  lol ..


It’s just after 11 am so I’m going to have a meal while Kauri drives. The last of the jalapeño egg popper cups ( 3) ..

This is how they were packed on the trip down like biscuits and sitting on the console ..

Calories 645
Protein 30g
Fat 57g
Net carbs 1.5g

We are getting closer to home .. This is my favourite statue ..


The Erawan 3-headed elephant stands 29 meters high 39 metres long and is cast in pure green copper.


A fantastic sight heading home from the freeway.


It’s now 1 pm and we are about 10 minutes from home so we’ve stopped at our local coffee shop …

We’ve just arrived home and it’s too darn hot to eat so Kauri made a chocolate avocado mousse with macadamias (20 g of macadamias used.)

Calories 512

Protein 17.1g

Fats 47g

Net carbs 6.5g

I almost forgot to do my push-up challange day 6 today .. ( now done )

This afternoon was spent writing and copying across this blog post. Hopefully tomorrow we will also have some new content 😌

Dinner ( 5:36) or is that 5:30-6:00 ..

I’m going to have 150g of pork belly with some eggplant/egg and Thai basil

Daily macros

Have a great day everyone. Tomorrow will be officially one year of keto .. so I’ll do a write up as I have a non training day scheduled. We also have my weigh-in for the month and body fat measurements ..

Catch everyone tomorrow ..










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    1. It was fun ,Although Special K had to do some official business I got to train and we got to cook .. You really can get away, have fun and still stay fit healthy and do keto .. I almost said you can have your cake and eat it

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