Day 4 / 96

Good morning Rockstars ..

Today was supposed to be a non training day but the fact we will be traveling home tomorrow I’ve decided to train today ..

I’m going to mix it up today. As I can’t do squats I’ll do some back and legs today ..

I really enjoy using the hotel gym. The leg extensions and curl machine were excellent .. I could have done Lunges, Bulgarian Deadlifts even dumbbell squats but instead I did a lot of reps on extensions and curls today.

Kauri and I both powered through today’s workout and even with minimal rest we still took around 1 1/2 hours .. I also finished off with today’s  push-up challenge ..

Day 5 done. It’s only 15 push ups ..

With training completed it’s time for my first meal ..

I actually went back and had some more cauliflower to soak up the egg yolks and added one tablespoon of cream in my coffee when we got back to our unit (included in calories.)

Before long I’ll be  back down at the gym again .. time for cardio ..

The one thing I love is being accountable. If I say something I want to be able to back it 100% .. To say I want to be in my best shape I don’t take lightly …

So with 40 minutes done I’m done today (including this mornings training.)  .. The speed dropped as I had to stop to take a photo. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it …🤣🤣

Before I upset anyone, not everyone can spend hours at the gym .. but my goals are S.M.A.R.T and specific to my goals and my time is running out.

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timeframed ..

Lunch ( 1:20 pm )

The roast chicken we bought we will dry fry and add garlic and pepper.

My fat is low and yesterday Kauri made chia pudding using both cream and coconut cream.

Calories 497

Protein 3.6g

Fats 51.9

Net carbs 3.8 g

I also had 55g of salami this afternoon as a snack.

This will leave me with around 430 calories for tonight’s dinner.


Pork belly with beans and fried cherry tomatoes.


Again, this doesn’t include magnesium tablets or salt added to meals ..

Another sucessful day.

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    1. Thank you it was funtastic.. lol love having a appartments with a kitchen especially doing this way of life . Makes it a lot easier to stay on track while still enjoying a get away

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