Day 3 / 96

Good Morning peeps ..

6 AM and the alarm clock has gone off (The Rock clock ⏰) The Rock singing” 🎼Good morning sunshine ..☀️🎼”

Special K and I have decided to hit the gym early today ..

The gym is not bad. A lot of decent dumbbells, bikes, treadmills etc.

Today’s work will be biceps and triceps.

Arm workout

Even though we are at a different gym I have still managed to increase the workout intensity and not one mosquito in sight.

Time for our first meal.

Breakfast is complementary and we will have it earlier than usual. I’m going to have some eggs, some more eggs, bacon, and some chicken today.

I also had black coffee with a tablespoon of cream when we got back to our unit. (This is included in totals.)

Kauri has to do some official paperwork again today so I’ll stay here to work on the blog and get a few things done ..

I’m going to hit the gym again for 30 minutes cardio .. So I’ll use this bad boy.

I again was alone in the gym so I watched some motivational stuff on YouTube while working out. With 30 minutes of cardio finished I’m going to have a snack or early lunch (12:05 pm.)

Jalapeño poppers

Seriously, go to and make these ….

Special K just came back with some goodies so while she has Pad Thai I’m going to have some pork belly .. and some macadamia nuts for lunch.

Lunch 2:30 pm

Calories: 496

Protein: 20.3g

Fats: 46.4 g

Net carbs: 1 g

This will leave me with around 600 calories for dinner.

We picked up some fresh wild caught prawns. I cooked tonight and made a garlic butter with some extras.

 Absolutely delicious..😋


Macros are perfect. Net carbs 5.4.

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