Day 2/96 Road trip ..

Morning peeps so today we are on a road trip as we have some business down east ..

But I Hve a few things to do first.

Today is Tuesday so I’ll do today’s weigh-in ..

While 5 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks might not sound a lot, I don’t have much body fat to lose so I’m really happy with the small weight loss. So far I’m 11.4 pounds heavier than last year at under 10% bodyfat. You can certainly add muscle mass while doing a ketogenic diet .. ( I will do body fat again on Saturdays weigh-in )

Shoulder workout

Before we head off, I’ll do my second shoulder workout of the week …

My workout wasn’t bad. I increased from last week’s shoulder workout.

Road trip and I’m calling shotgun for the front seat ..
We’ve packed the survival bag and it’s full to the brim.

We have salami, roast chicken, two batches of jalapeño poppers, cream, konjac noodles, bacon, onion, pork rinds, boiled eggs, chia pudding, butter and coconut oil .. as well as some fresh veggies …
I really do take this seriously and try to plan ahead.
We’ve booked a self-contained apartment so we will cook as well ..
It’s 9am and we are ready to leave .. We have some official business to get done this morning along the way ..
Fifteen minutes into the trip traffic has come to a halt. Well, we won’t starve that’s for sure ..

Breakfast will be earlier today around 9:30am .. While we are on the road I’ve consumed the following;
4 Jalapeño poppers and 2 boiled eggs .. (this may be a case of high wind area .. proceed with caution 😂😂.) Enter vehicle at own risk ..

Macros for breakfast
986 calories ..
Protein 51.1
Fats 84.4
Net carbs 2.6

Certainly a lot lower carbs than yesterday’s breakfast .. (It really does pay to plan ahead rather than rely on fast food or convenience stores along the way when travelling.

Bangkok really is starting to look more and more like a concrete jungle as we drive along the freeway (funny you pay tolls .. so it’s false advertising.)
Now the fun really starts .. Breakdown lanes in Thailand are basically another lane ..It took me a year to get used to this craziness.
So a 3-lane free way becomes a 4-lane car park ..

I always love road trips. You never know what interesting things you’ll  see on your travels.

Well today was no different I’ve never seen a black wrapped car ever ..


The plates are not legit Thai ones and it’s left hand drive. I seen a car bra before but what’s this a car condom?
We’ve arrived at the government office at 12:06 and typical that are at lunch till 1 so we have to hang around for an hour ..
So sounds like a good enough excuse for lunch.

Lunch ( 12:42 )
2 Jalapeño poppers and 36 g of pork crackling for me.
Calories 640
Protein 41g
Fats 52g
Net carbs 1g
Just have to wait another 15 minutes … Government departments seem to be the same world wide ..

And of course, there’s more red tape .. tomorrow.

We’ve  finally arrived at our destination .. It’s almost 3 pm. Kauri made some chocolate avocado mousse for the trip so I’ll have some with crushed up macadamia nuts.

Calories 512

protein 17.1

fat 47.0

Net carbs 6.1

We’ve stayed at this location before it’s not bad ..

This hotel is actually catered for the Japanese. The spa has flashing lights and the toilet is heated. Everything is electronic …

Time to soak in that tub. It’s been a long drive ..

Tonight’s cook will be simple. Chicken, coconut cream, lime, chilli, butter, paprika, salt, pepper and Thai basil. It was really tasty.  Having a self serviced apartment gives us the freedom of having tasty food without exceeding our carb limit.


Kauri added spinach to hers ..

Well, that’s my day done.


OK, so I was 12 calories over …lol

Have a great day people …


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