A new day a new beginning

Firstly an apology ..

I’ve been lazy when it came to my blog over the past two months .. I was uninspired and concentrated all my time on Instagram. But today the romance with IG is over and  I’m back refreshed and ready to rock and roll and I have my Mojo back. Also at just over 3 months out I want to document this.

While I’ve been away I haven’t been idle I have new graphs and apps to help and assist with my posts ..

Let’s bring everybody up to speed ..


Over the past three weeks I’ve been in a deficit from 3100 calories (maintenance) down to 2500 a day, again based on my TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure.) Remember to calculate your specific TDEE as it would be different (too large a deficit can lead to your metabolism slowing down.)

Protein 156 g

Fat 200 g

Net carbs 25 g

I’ll just add the only thing that changes is the fat. If I’m in maintenance it went up to 250 g and in a deficit it drops. At no stage did the protein change. That’s why fat is your lever.


My weight loss has been steady but again it’s not linear. My body weight has dropped from 222.4 pounds down to 217.8. ( I don’t have much weight to lose but a low body fat and muscle mass gain were my goals.)


Weight loss will vary from person to person. Stalls can be due to many factors. Stress, hydration levels, sleep, muscle mass, hormonal issues to name a few (not including certain foods and sweeteners as well.)

While some people panic when the scale goes up, the scale does not reflect changes in your bodies composition. I also did body fat measurements during this time for that reason alone. Usually I weigh once a month but for documenting purposes I weighed twice a week (Saturdays and Tuesdays) for the duration of my journey.

The second photo is my body fat percentage. I started at 12.56% before my deficit and my body fat has decreasing every week to my current reading  of 9.88%. Even though my weight fluctuated my body fat continued to drop.

I keep saying this but a stall isn’t a few weeks or even a month. It’s your body changing its composition. Constantly adapting breaking down cells and building new ones .. You also need to consider and understand  the whoosh ..


Ok a few changes .. Firstly I’ve added another of shoulder day with training. Shoulders have always been my weak point . I’m now training 6 days a week. BUT I can’t stress enough how important those rest days/ recovery days are .

My  fasted workouts have been great.  ( Although I did have a bicep injury about 2 weeks ago) I’m now concentrating more on heavier compound movements, like squats, Deadlifts, Benchpress. Again body building or sculpting isn’t about poundage lifted. It’s time under tension, muscle confusion and variety.

I’ve also incorporated a new app I use so I can compare each week’s lifts. I’ll do an example, today was my back workout .. So we can compare both last week’s and today’s Back  workouts.


This was last week’s Back work out






This is today’s workout




What I do is divide the volume by the amount of reps and this will give me the average weight per rep as a guide .. Last week’s average is 25,749/ 244= 105.52 pounds per rep.

Today 44,579 /270 = 165 pounds per rep. As long as I use the same exercises as a comparison, it’s a great way to see improvements across the board. That way when I say I’ve had a great workout. You the reader can compare the data. Again it’s not about poundage. I’m not a power lifter but I’ve certainly found strength gains with keto and usually with weight loss you may decrease in strength slightly ..

I’ve also been doing a plank challenge over the past 3 weeks and I did get up to 3.00 minutes (day 22) but the stress and pain on my lower back was too intense to continue ..  (due to being hit by a drunk driver many years ago) but I’m proud to push myself to see what I could do. I’m going to add ab training on Monday as well rather than planks.

I love this quote ” If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you”

So I’ve started to do a Push up challenge Today. It will be a lot less stress on my lower back.

I always want to challenge myself .. Just because I reach my personal goals doesn’t mean I stay idle. I want to continuously improve myself no matter what my age. Whether it be in fitness, or education .. we only have one life.

HIIT training has also been upgraded.

I still do this 3 times a week but have changed the ratio to 30/45 ( from 30/60 fast pace / slow pace) and from 15 minutes to 20 plus a cool down. This will change to 1:1 30/30 next month ..

That’s pretty much it this past 3 weeks..

Certainly No denying the energy boost that using your natural ketones  gives you once you are fat adapted. So much more energy ..

My Macros have been on point everyday. My protein goal  has always been achieve. ( Remember protein is your goal, carbs your limit and fats your lever.) I want to limit my carbs to below 20 g total (not net) that will be starting after next week .. In the past I’ve allowed myself the freedoms of net carbs. I want to tighten the reigns a little .. ( the final month I’ll probably drop dairy completely.)

Starting tomorrow it will be back to business as usual ..







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