Week 6 day 5

Good morning Gang.

Today is my first weigh in.

So a quick recap. I’ve dropped my fat calories from 250g a day to 200g. My protein has remained the same as have my carbs.

I’m down 2.4 pounds from 222.4 – 220. I haven’t changed anything else at this stage of my deficit.

It’s raining this morning so Special K and I will train arms upstairs.


Cable tricep push downs with rope: 4 sets

Cable bicep hammer curls with rope: 4 sets

One-arm tricep kickbacks: 3 sets

One-arm cable curls: 4 sets

Tricep pushdowns: 3 sets

Really great workout. My arms are toast.


Jalapeño popper egg cups and a decaf coffee with one tablespoon of cream.

This morning I spent time on social and responding to emails.

Morning snack was 30 grams of plain pork rinds.

Lunch today was a snack, home made cheese crisps and guacamole..

Really tasty and easy to make, so much easier than buying processed chips  etc.

Dinner tonight will be roast chicken and bok choi cooked in bacon fat.


2512 calories, another great day.






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