Week 6 day 4

Good morning peeps.

Yesterday I added my statistics so today I thought I would add a photo.

Now what’s interesting is that people get so worried about the number  they read on the scales but weight loss is not linear. It goes up and goes down and is dependent on muscle mass, hormones, sleep, depression, stress and hydration.

The photo on the right is November 17 last year I turned 49. I was 206 pounds.

The photo on the left was last night July 24. I weighted over 220 pounds ( no real difference.)

My goal is to gain muscle mass while staying lean. I’m not concerned over the weight more so my body fat and how I feel.

I also wanted to post the photo for reference as I’m no longer in maintenance and my deficit is set to 10%.

Time to hit the gym.


Bench press: 5 warm up sets, 3 working sets RPT

Incline flies: 3 sets

Incline press: 3 sets RPT

Dips: 4 sets (weighted)

Decline flies: 3 sets

Push ups to failure: 3 sets

It really is a guessing game.

I not sure why but today my strength with bench press was weaker. I really struggled with my working sets but on all the other exercises I was stronger and increased with the weight. Even with such a poor bench press it was still a great workout.

Breakfast around 10 am.

This is my favourite meal at the moment.

Waffles with a protein powder and cream filling, bacon and salsa.

I certainly don’t miss the bullet coffee. Yes it’s a bit high on the carbs but that’s most of my carbs for the morning.

Morning snack

One panna cotta

These are really tasty, an easy way to build up the fats and protein.

Lunch was chicken Thai salad. We also had halloumi and I added fried chicken skin.

I also had a serving of Kauri’s choc mint avocado cheesecake.

Instagram has taken most of the day. Also catching up with friends online.

Time for a snack (35g of salted pork rinds.)

That leaves me with around 200 calories remaining.

I’m finishing off with 2 fat bombs for dinner (that’s a first) as my proteins and carbs are on par. It was either that or coconut oil.



Really happy with today’s macros.

Night everyone.

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