Week 6 day 3

Morning RockstarsūüĆü

Before I forget as I’m old, I will do my ¬†weigh-ins twice a week while in a deficit. these will be done Saturday and Wednesday.

Today should have been my Leg day as I missed it yesterday but it’s typically Back day. I’m going to do back today and legs will be my last workout of the week.


My first 2 exercises are done upstairs with the door gym.

Face pull: 4 sets same weight

Straight-arm pull-down: 4 sets same weight

Wide grip weighted pull-up :3 sets

One-arm dumbells rows: 4 sets

Pull -ups close grip: 3 sets

Seated row: 4 sets

Shrugs: 3 sets

I have mentioned this in my original blog but the main difference between a chip up and a pull up. A chin up is with your palms facing you. A pull-up is when your palms are facing away.

Workout was good .. a few excellent lifts today.

First meal of the day:

We’ve made waffles with a protein / cream filling. I’ve also made a bacon basket with salsa.


These waffles are always the best. Another one of Kauri’s many creations.

With breakfast out of the way, I’ve just done a 20 second plank. I’m supporting someone on IG ¬†who posted they are doing a 30 day plank challenge so I said I’ll do it also as support.

A bit of writing and I’m going to have morning tea.

Kauri’s choc mint cheesecake.

What can I say, my wife is a genius.

I honestly don’t know where the time has gone today before I knew it its after 2:30 so a late lunch today.


Tuna salad and eggs

I didn’t have the beer it was for a prop today.

With some more social media and writing ¬†I’m going to have an afternoon snack.

Panna cotta, a new rainbow variety special K made.


That leaves dinner.

Tonigh I’m having 250g of pork belly and some bok choi in bone broth.



Macros look good I’m a little short on protein by 10g ¬†but overall I’m ¬†spot on.

Calories today 2514. Looking good ..

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