Week 6 day 2

Morning peeps. As promised, today is measurements.

Let’s start with weight;

At 6.34 this morning I was 222.4 pounds (100.84kg.)


Body fat %

So a little more body fat than I wanted but I’m at 12.56%. The only issue with doing fat calipers is you have to get the same point every time and my measurement was taken just as it clicked ( so this should be easier to compare.)

I would love to purchase a Skulpt from America but the customs and taxes make it not viable  🙁 This was one thing I really wanted to use for this blog.)  It works out 3 times as much. A huge jump from $99 USD. Hopefully, I can hook up with someone that’s coming over from America one day and do it that way.

My measurements

I need to amend shoulder measurement it was 50 inches .


Today was supposed to be leg day but again my neck is tight from yesterday’s shoulder workout. From now on Sunday is my first non working day. I’ll do some HIIT tonight instead.

For the next month I will do measurements, body fat and weight every week.

First meal of the day around 10 am.

Four Jalapeño egg popper cups and no bullet coffee today. I honestly don’t miss it and for me it wasn’t filling.

I’ve been doing some research today for an upcoming blog post. So most my morning has been researching.


Kauri is the dessert queen but she also does traditional pork belly.

200 g of pork belly sprinkled with some good natural Thai sea salt and I also had 20 g of macadamia.

This afternoon was spent reading and replying to posts. And we made a mug cake, choc orange macadamia with a fat bomb glaze .. Teamwork at its best.


My protein is a little low and my fats are almost perfect. So for dinner I’ve had 200g chicken ( white meat) and bok choi steamed.



Again, really happy with my macros. I’m certainly not missing the extra 50g of fat. My energy levels feel good.

I’ll finish off with HIIT tonight 15 minutes of 30/60 high/low.







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