Week 6 day one

Good morning rockstars.

Another week over and start of a new week and some time to make some changes. Up to this point I’ve stayed in maintenance so now it’s time to do a deficit. (10%) The only thing that changes is my fat intake. Remember fat is your lever and protein is your goal.

My weight today was around 224. I know it’s not professional but my AAA batteries died so by the time I went out and bought some and I weighed myself it was after breakfast.

Will do weigh-in tomorrow. Sorry about that. Tomorrow I will also take my measurements and bodyfat %

So as I did last month, let’s expand this week’s workouts .

Shoulder workout

Seated dumbell shoulder press

4 warm up sets – 3 working sets RPT

Seated lateral dumbbell raise

5 sets

Press behind neck

3 sets RPT

Rear delt incline

4 sets

Seated twist (rear delt) exercise similar to reverse pec deck but with dumbells

3 sets

Close grip pull ups

3 sets

Workout went well I improved on a few lifts (will add data at the review on the month as I did previously.)

First meal of the day.

We had dairy free chocolate waffles. Another one of Kauri’s creations. I add 50 ml of thick cream and a scoop of protein powder.

I should add no bullet coffee today.

I’m dropping my fats down for the next 3 weeks from 250 to around 200. My calories will be around 25-2600 each day rather than 3100. My proteins and carbs will remain the same as before.

Morning snack

One of kauri’s choc mint cheesecake.

What can I say, these are great and I’m a lucky guy.

With some writing done, it’s time for me to cook .I’ll make fried cauli rice.

This was good. Leftovers make great fried rice, bacon, roast chicken, onion, prawns, curry powder and lime juice.

With lunch done we are at 1720 calories and my goal is 2500 so just under 800 to go.

This afternoon I fell asleep. It’s Kauri’s fault. It’s her lap. If I lay my head on it I fall asleep 😴 ..

I’ve decided to have afternoon snack so another of Kauri’s choc mints (it is 2 per serve that’s why I had only one earlier.) and I had 60 g of camembert cheese Kauri’s brother brought home (I’m not a big cheese eater and I’ll pass on that stuff.)

I’ve already worked out out tonight’s dinner.

Roast chicken and bok choi cooked in pork fat.

So let’s see how my new macros went.

2514 calories, I’d say that’s a home run.

Have a wonderful evening


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