Week 5 day 7

Morning guys. Another overcast day today so I’ve decided to train upstairs on the door gym as we are doing arms. It will work perfectly.

Tricep push downs with rope

Bicep curls with rope

Reverse tricep push down (one arm)

Bicep cable curls

Tricep push down

Reverse bicep curl

This was a great workout today. We kept the rest to minimum between mine and kauri’s sets today.


Jalapeno poppers, avocado and egg (no BPC today.)

Great start to my morning.

Morning snack was something special, choc mint avocado cheesecake.

Talk about a flavour explosion 💥

I also had a bullet style coffee.

This was brilliant. Seriously, first attempt and Kauri knocked it out of the ballpark.

I had to play catch up and write today’s and yesterday’s posts so it’s kept me busy. With one post down it’s time for lunch.

Tuna salad to the rescue and 2 eggs.

It was great but the cheesecake was better.

This afternoon I’ve almost caught up on my posts but  I’m taking special K to the German restaurant down the road so this will be put on hold. I’ve ordered German sausages and my usually pork knuckle.

The music is outdated but food is not bad.

So my macros for the day

While my total calories were great, my protein was higher than normal. Probably the first time ever. I’ve been 30 g over. That in itself is not an issue but rather than tracking my last two meals I just ate. This is why I don’t like things like lazy keto or not tracking higher protein. It will not kick you out of ketosis it may stall your progress slightly.

Tomorrow starts a new week and time to change things a little.

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