Week 5 day 6


Good morning peeps.

Well, today is exciting in many ways. I didn’t get to write this in real time so I’m a day late but today was a busy day.

Today should have been my arm workout but I’ve switched it to my rest day as we are inspecting a unit today at 10am that we purchased off the plan.

First things first


Scrambled eggs, bacon and salsa, washed down with a bullet coffee.

OK, back to the property

I’m excited as this is the first property Kauri and I have purchased together as an investment.

It’s close to the university and major shopping centre.

There’re a few consmetic things that need to be fixed but minimal (more so a sloppy paint job .) I’m really happy with it overall.

Soon it will be time to organise curtains and some furniture. It comes with the lounge. Really lovely apartment for a student and the gym’s nice as well.

With the inspection done, contract picked up, its time to do our date day/night.

Thursday is when the latest movies are released in Thailand. Today it’s Valerian.

We pick up some keto nibbles at the shops to stock up before the movie starts, macadamia nuts, salami , cream (for a coffee before the movie starts.) The macros on the nibblies work out at around 800, not bad at all I usually have 2 tablespoons of cream in my coffee.

It’s after 3 pm so well grab another coffee each and catch up on our social media pages.

I’ve said this many times, it’s not so much about the movie but it’s investing in one another in your relationship. To have my wife cuddled up watching a movie is priceless. Always make time for one another.

It’s time to head back to Grandma’s house where dreams die lol. Kauri had placed an order for locally grown organic macadamia nuts and 10 litres of coconut oil and it had arrived while we were out.

‘So it’s been a fantastic day and we are about to prepare dinner together.

Stir fried pork belly.

Very spicy the way I like it

With dinner done let’s check macros;

Well, that’s a wrap ..

A great day. It’s been a busy day but truely rewarding.


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